Back from Camping!

Well, the Microcampus kids, Ms. Stagg, and I went on a three-day, two-night camping outing, settling in at the Taoxi tea plantation, about an hour uphill from Dali Old Town. Good times, strong winds (with slightly stronger tents, fortunately), and a good time had by all. For many it was their first time camping while bringing in supplies (food, tents, water), so the packs were lighter this morning on the way down. Good stuff.

Back at it tomorrow--students working on inquiry projects and service learning plans that they made before the camping trip. For me, it's catching up on a bit of rest and relaxation!



A few days out in fresh air with a bunch of newby campers. I hope some of them will come to love the fresh air and tent as much as I have! Good stuff indeed.

Indeed . . .

Hey Andy,

So good to hear . . . it's been amazing to watch the kids really work together on things, and great to have the time to allow some natural exploration/mistake making/retooling/tweaking/success cycles to take place. This is such a treat at times!

What a treat it is to see the Microcampus program continue to develop. I look forward to learning more with and from these amazing students as they explore their world, challenge themselves, and learn to handle themselves outside The Bubble of their usual routines.