Brains On . . .

The students and I had an interesting chat yesterday during our afternoon touch-base meeting at the end of a relatively restful Saturday. Student caught up on things: their sleep, assignments, their blog entries, and it was nice to have a bit of down time to explore this place.

It continues to amaze me to see the change in the students after just a week away. Their voices are more calm, their motions more gentle. Sounds and footsteps seem to carry in the old wooden structure that has become the center of our learning. They are surrounded by learning and thinking--it's "in the air," as I often say to the kids. A group of photographers from the States; a graduate program in environmental studies from Virginia Tech; a former professor from Stanford settles in for a week, offering an environmentally themed magic show with an emphasis on sustainability; a group of American high school students from a Chinese academy in the States . . . all of this in seven days.

I sometimes think back to conversations with parents in the early days of sharing the vision of the Microcampus with famiilies, when the question of students "missing out" on academic experiences by choosing to become a part of the Microcampus program were very much a part of our conversations. Interesting how things change . . .


Hi Craig

I can't wait to get there and experience the whole vibe!! It sounds really wonderful, I've had fun looking at the kids' posts....the growth that we will see from them is going to be so interesting!

night sky


Sounds like things are going well for you and the gang. It maybe a welcome quiet for you but there isn't nearly enough singing and keyboard music coming from across the hall. The sky was very clear last night. So which 2 planets did we see with the crescent moon? Maybe Harrison will reply.


miss you


What a treat it is to see the Microcampus program continue to develop. I look forward to learning more with and from these amazing students as they explore their world, challenge themselves, and learn to handle themselves outside The Bubble of their usual routines.