The Joys of Fatherhood

Well, I'm not exactly a father, but for the next four weeks I will sure feel like one. Having 11 grade 8 students here will surely be an interesting test, but it has been wonderful so far.

This morning gave some unique insights into my students that are not part of a typical day of school. This morning's wake up came a bit early, with one of the students having a bit of an upset stomach. A short bit of shuteye later, and I took on my biggest challenge: the stopped-up toilets of our delightful bundles of joy. I was proud to deliver several lessons on the finer points of the standard Yunnan plunger technique . . . as well as some no-so-delicate descriptions of how we might change our habits a touch in order to avoid overtaxing the innocent toilets.

They don't teach this stuff in teacher training, but they sure should!



blocked facilities

I went on a sail training ship as 12th grader.  The toilets were very intimidating with a valve and nice little handle that was part of the pump/flush routine.  We were told in no uncertain terms "if you block it, you unblock it"  Needless to say, we all took great care not to block.

The comments from the kids all sound very positive Craig - signs of some great planning.  Some of the group haven't blogged yet so I will be interested to hear their thoughts when they do.

My science skype is open during the day sometimes at night if the kids have questions.

All the best



Appreciate the feedback, Tony . . . you've just given me the catch phrase for my follow up chat about toilets . . . you block it, you unblock it.

I'll pass along your note to the kids who haven't blogged yet as well. Some are a bit behind with some of their other work . . . though we're working on the whole "independent work follow through" thing. It's nice to have digital documentation (and comments such as yours) to help!

Having a great time!


What a treat it is to see the Microcampus program continue to develop. I look forward to learning more with and from these amazing students as they explore their world, challenge themselves, and learn to handle themselves outside The Bubble of their usual routines.