Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

Updated 8 years 5 months ago

First Person Resourses:

  • Ms. Bai LiPing (about embroidery in the XiZhou area)
  • Ms. Li (about embroidery)
  • Mr. Michael Huang (about economics)
  • Mr. Yu (about silk)
  • Hmong/Miao Embriodery Seller (about Miao embroidery)

Online Search Keywords:

  • Chinese Embroidery
  • Embroidery through the Cultural Revolution
  • Happy Embroidery
  • Chinese Embroidery for Hmong/Miao

Topics for Books:

  • Chinese Embroidery
  • Traditional Clothing (A book title is: Clothing and Ornaments of China's Miao People)
  • Chinese Embroidery for Hmong/Miao

Ms. LiPing helped me schedule an appointment with Mr. Huang, who summarized the history of Happy Embroidery (silk road, cultural revolution). Ms. Li explained about silk, how long it takes to embroider a piece, and how to embroider. Ms. Li offered to teach me emboridery, so that I could get a 'first hand experience' of it. I also learned about the process of silk being boiled, then unraveled. Lastly, I viewed most of the works in Happy Embroidery, and learned how hand-made embroidery looks more natural than machine-made embroidery.

Hi! My name is Audrey... I'm really excited about Microcampus. I've never been to an area like that, and I'm looking forward to the fresh air and nice weather. I hope to learn how the people there live, as well as exploring the area and comparing it to Shanghai. Hopefully, I'll gain a great experience out of this trip.