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Yesterday, I along 9 other students were lucky enough to be able to attend the first trip to Dali Old Town. I really enjoy visiting Dali Old Town. Even though it was not with the whole group it was still fun but missed the others that stayed back. I hope that next week all of us will be lucky and fortunate enough to visit Dali Old Town and have a great ending to Microcampus. I along 3 other students ate at an amazing sushi restaurant, the food was really good. It was different than what we are used to here in Xizhou it was nice to eat something different.

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As my first attempt on better fitting into the community, I went back to my seventh-day Inquiry Project partner, Ms. Li. She is a restaurant owner towards the South-West area of Sifangjie. When I first talked to her about the weather, I noticed her kind and colorful personality. When talked to her today, I conversed with her in a casual manner as if we were long-time friends having conversations like we have not seen each other for a long time. I am grateful for this relationship I have developed beforehand.

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Today was not nearly as stressful as I thought it was going to be. First looking at the instructions, I thought there was going to be a lot of work. Now, I realize that as long as I mono-task and stay focused, it won't be too long. Today I have finished almost all of the script and recorded half of the whole thing. This is a little bit of what I wrote:

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As we took pictures of the view, our eyes were drawn to this lady. She had a child sitting on her lap and she had a carefree laugh that seemed to brighten the people around her. And as we sat there, we could not help but take a picture of her. 

We were able to capture a picture of both her and the child smiling at the same time. 

We walked up to her, and because we thought the picture perceived so much more depth than just "a photo", we showed it to her. 

Her eyes glimmered in joy as she laughed and said, "I look so natural. So happy."

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After finishing Phase 3 and Phase 4, now working on the Final Phase. Reporting and reflecting on our findings on this trip. It is not something easy to manage. With inquiry project and service learning nearly to their due dates I am becoming a buddle of nerves. 5 hours left to finish all our inquiry project. That's A LOT. Final Phase with reflection, video, and script to write. But either way, I have to finish my project, proudly. 

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Today was the first day of the final projects. The hours building up to inquiry time were filled with fret and worry. We all had our worries, not finishing, to much work. But as the time came, the work went by like the wind by the end of inquiry time My script, introduction, recordings and part of my editing was done. Once again Mr. T was right that the work would be very attainable and by the end, we would all come out with a good product.

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1, one old man, waiting for the arrival of four students. 

2, two minutes, the time it took to reach this old man.

3, three knocks, the welcoming sound of skin and wood.

4, four students, waiting for him to greet them.

5, five large smiles, the rain suddenly has stopped.

6. six handshakes, including one with the grandmother in the kitchen

7. seven minutes, the ticking time that goes by as we wait for the camera and tripod to set up.

8. Eight eyes, softly gazing toward the talking man. Ready, set, action.

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For some reason, the stress seems to have caught up with me today all of a sudden. Perhaps it is because I have finally begun thinking through the project carefully and realizing the amount of work we have to do in three short days. I have finished the plan for my project, and is halfway done with the script, but there is still so much left to do: drawing the final product, the editing, practicing and recording the voiceover. Not to mention how our service learning partner is not available today.

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Dali Old Town. A familiar name, a heavy-weight privilege. For those approved to visit, it was lighter and easier to carry. Those are the ones who reached expectations and did what they set out to do. For those who did not meet expectations were bound to stay. These are the ones that have not made the most out of this opportunity. I was one of those to stay. The truth hurts, a little fly of hope dies every time I think about how naive I had been, thinking I was doing great and enough. Just when I think I am reaching closer to the destination, the destination moves farther away.

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The thunders crashed as the sky graduated from blue to white to grey, and back to white again. The rain felt like willow and sounded like spring, all so gentle and somewhat warm. A whooshing rung from the courtyard; if one was to get out and see, it was the sound of glittering rain was sent near and far by the blue ropes that lost their shapes in the process of circling. The melancholy of rain and the explosion of thunder seemed to keep everything in a tight within the compound, near yet far, loud yet soft, laughing, when the sky was tearing. 

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March 27th, 2019, I spent my first birthday away from my family. On my twelth, eleventh, tenth.... birthday, I have always celebrated it on the same old dinning table that every one of my siblings and parents celebrated theirs on. Everyone would crowd around the birthday boy/girl and we would all sing the birthday song as loudly as we can into his ore her ears. I remember how someone would always switch into their head voices in the middle of the song just because we started off too high. This year is all different, but not nessasarily in a bad way.

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Among the thunder. Among the rain. Amidst the voices. Amidst the thoughts. 

You are sitting in the dimly-lit room, looking out the window as if it held the answers to all of your crazy wonders and all of your unspoken words. You look out and you watch as raindrops pour down from the sky. You watch as thunder begins to rumble above your head. You watch on and on and on and on as the rain pours and pours and pours down. 

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Today we had a huge amount of work to do. Today was the start of Phase 4 and also the end of Phase 4. We started to think about the outline and what our final product would look like. If you are interested to see what I and 15 other Microcamous students have accomplished click: Here. Before we had our hours to work on Phase 4 I went out and found an amazing service-learning partner.

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Today was a huge leap into my service learning project. Audrey and I had traveled across Sifang Jie to meet Ms. Qing, our service-learning partner. She had gotten to know us over the past week when we visited her. I remember holding a giant tripod, asking Ms. Qing whether she could allow us to shoot a video with her. She said yes, then said no more. We stood on the other side of the road, watching as people come and go at her stand. She stood there, informing everyone about the little trinkets and the souvenirs in her hand.

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On a day where the sun sparkled in the blue sky while the flowers bloomed every corner, Dora and Pepijn decided to go out to find our team a service learning partner. They walked around looking for people above age 60 and would not mind sharing his/her life stories with them. The rejections every corner made them lose confidence as they start to grow worried that they might not have someone for this project after all. Soon, Pepijn saw someone in a cramped place hitting metal with a hammer. The man was working hard and did not notice the two teenagers.

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It is Jasmine and Erin's birthdays today, and coincidentally, both had dish duty today as well. However, it was really nice to see others volunteering to help do the dishes for them, as it is their special day afterall. Phase 4 was also due today, but that was not too hard and we had plenty of time to finish. It is raining outside. Nice change of weather, not too nice for us, room 3, because it was our laundry day. How come every time we have a laundry day it rains? Last time we had to move our clothes inside to dry as well… oh well.

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Sometimes the weather is sunny, and you can go outside and play, or hang out with friends. Other days, the weather is cloudy, and you still can go outside to play or hang out with friends, but you can't do as many things. Sometimes the weather is rainy, and you can't go outside and play, or hang out with friends. 

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Birthday, a day where the special person gets to celebrate itself, but the chance to realize that you are one year older then last year, and you are growing up. Today, we got to celebrate two birthdays. In a row. And today, because it is such a special celebration, even thunder and rain could not help but come and participate. First off, Erin. You are the coolest and funniest girl I have ever met, and I am so glad that through Microcampus, we are able to get closer to each other.

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Phase 4. I finished a Phase during two hours of inquiry project time. Remember yesterday I was still stuck on Phase 3 and today I finished Phase 4. Phase 4 is all about preparing to share out thoughts and findings that lead to the final product of Microcampus inquiry project. 9 days until departure. 6 days until service learning project is due. And most of all 4 days until the final inquiry project is due.