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Firstly to start of the day, my group and I had a great time at Mr. Yang's house. We visited Mr. Yang for the second time and third time today. In the early morning, we visited and started recording for our final service learning product, this was quite boring for me because I had no idea what Mr. Yang was answering to the questions, due to the language barrier. But later when we were walking back to Yang Zhou Ran and my group told me what type of interesting things he had to say, it seemed like my time sitting and listening was worth it.

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"Do I dare / Disturb the universe?" -T.S. Elliot

No. No, I do not. 

Who dares? 

Who can ever have so much strength? 

And even

if you gathered enough courage to move the world,

the universe will



move for you. 

You will be forgotten only years after you die,

and eventually, 

no one will remember you. 

The crease of your eyebrow or

your limp when you walk. 

No one will recall any of this.

And yes, we must still make the most of our lives. 

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As the deadline for Final Product rushes closer to sight, more us are anxious about not finishing on time or being behind compared to everyone else. This afternoon, I have sat in front of my computer for numerous hours, recording, looking for the most fitting music, and photos matching. I starting to feel stressed over the fact that my video is slightly too short and worrying about not having enough information presented. Nevertheless, I push on my limits and worked through challenges.

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Today and yesterday, I worked on my final product. My final product is a video about my personal growth and personal journey during the 28 days. I talked about the three biggest lessons I learned. I am trying to share what felt and learned, which is very stressful. I am doing my best, but the more I make progress, the more I feel, I can't do this, and I should do it all over again. 

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I cannot believe it is the last week for us to stay at Xizhou. Time flies fast when you're having fun. I am actually pretty sure that it would take me ae longer time to adapt back to SAS, since I am already so used to the schedule and atmosphere here. For the last week, all of us are working on our inquiry projects plus service learning. This is a moment where time management would come in real handy. There is just so much to do everyday, I don't think I've ever felt so productive back in Shanghai.

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Since Dora and Pepijn have already found a service learning partner the other day, the rest of the work group went to visit him today for the filming process. His name is Mr. Yang, he works a s a sort-of technician who fixes things like radios or clocks. He was really open to us when we were asking questions and he talked a lot. It was obvious to everyone that he is lonely, so we were more than happy to visit him a second time today. On our second visit, he brought up a plate of fruits, along with yogurt and tea, bought specifically for us.

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After two hardworking days, I have finally finished a rough draft of my video, and way ahead of schedule. Obviously, I still need to improve on the video and make revisions but I have something. Now that I have done my video, I am not as stressed as when I started and when Mr. T first introduced the schedule. Next up on my schedule is Service Learning. This should be much better because we are working in a group of four and there is no research needed. Tomorrow I will work on my reflection and start doing Service Learning with my group.

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The next whole week will be busy days. Every one of us has to finish our inquiry project, fully. Along with the service learning group project. Writing a journal every day is actually hard, due to the time we have each day. Hopefully, none of our service learning partner will have any discrepancy on what they have managed together. Even with the large amount of work we need to do, do not forget, work hard, play hard. 

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Today is the second say of working on my final product. The process may take me a long time, and it may be really hard, but the final product will be worth it. The whole video cannot be more than six minutes, which make everything harder, because we have to fit an abundant amount of information to fit in that short of a time slot. 

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Today was a work day for us, and I managed to get a lot of my Final Product done. I worked really hard today, and I think that my efforts paid off. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with where I'm at in terms of Final product work, and I'm really excited to see my project take shape in the end. Besides that, today was a pretty normal day. Nothing too special happened, and I'm excited to get out tomorrow to continue my service learning work. We finally managed to find a partner after many days of searching for one, and her name is Mrs. Zhang.

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Today I finally wrapped up the last of my inquiry work. The only thing left to do is to have my pearls of wisdom check with Mr. T. I plan to have that conversation tomorrow. Finishing the work lifts a weight off of my shoulders and lets me enjoy my time here. But now Serice Learning is coming up and the weight is put back on. Even though I will be glad to be back in Shanghai I will miss Yang Zhuo Ran and the Xizhou community. This time in Xizhou has taught me many things and hopefully, all those things will stick with me back in Shanghai. 

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Last night, I saw the stars in the night sky. Little white dots shimmering. I never really got to fully see the night sky and just look at it. But last night, I did. I saw every little speck, the three stars in the horizons, the two stars that were opposite of each other in the moonlight, and the pitch black darkness of everything else. I thought of how small the universe it, yet how large it is. I thought about how even though we may be small, we have such large impacts. It is something I never imagined the world before, as a place where impacts just happen from the push of one person.

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All today, flashbacks of bright lights illuminating crowded crosswalks would appear in my mind. What is the flashback of? It was of the two hours I spent in Dali Old Town during evening activity the previous night. Last night was known to be a special trip to "celebrate our learning" in Microcampus. The trip was known for its freedom, its sense of novelty, but moreover, a test of accountability. All ten students that went to Dali Old town were given the biggest responsibility so far on the trip: To step out of the box and still do the right thing.

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Because of the mistake I made, my computer was taken away for 24 hours and I missed the opportunity to finish my Phase 4 work while everyone else got to complete it. Because of the work I missed, I had to make up everything I missed today. I worked harder than every today during my Inquiry project time. I managed to complete my Phase 4 and my Introduction for my final product. I'm not mad, because this is all a part of the consequences that I need to face and accept because of my mistake. I'm not going to make the same mistake again.

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Today was not too good of a day for me. I used my laptop for purposes other than learning, so I got into some trouble with Mr. Tafel, and I got banned from using my computer for 24 hours. I feel really bad it because I affected my roommates' sleep and it is something I shouldn't have done. Although Mr. Tafel and I aren't happy about this whole thing happening, I also feel like it was a good experience for me in the long term, because I truly understand why it's wrong and why I should not have done what I did.

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Today, I couldn't think of anything to write about for my journal. I know that not every day can be special, but I believe there is something to write about everyday. I am writing about how I don't have anything to write for my journal. 

We need to appreciate even a small thing. Even if the day is not special, there is something that happened that you can appreciate. For example breakfast, I ate, gratitude for a friend who helped me do the dishes, or the friends being nice and helping me. However, today, I couldn't find something to appreciate, and that is the problem. 

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Today was the first due date we had to follow through on in Microcampus, and it was the deadline to finish Phase 3. Phase 3 was mostly about background information and information we gathered from local contacts so it's a pretty vital part of our Microcampus journey. I finished answering all of the questions on my list of 10 questions, and I submitted it for teacher review. Tomorrow will be the day we get to work on Phase 4 and complete it, so I'm really looking forward to getting that done as well. Other than that, Microcampus is going very well so far. 

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Today on our way to still time, my friend Becky and I decided to head to the terrace at the Linden Centre. On our way there, we snapped photos of people and the things around us for our inquiry project. When we arrived, there was a big family sitting around enjoying the view like what we were about to do. I saw a woman carefully helping the little girl (I'm not sure if she is her child) drink her juice, and I just had to take a photo of that.