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The Inquiry Project is reaching its end, and I am not sure whether I am ready to finish. I have too much that I want to share and talk about, but I must summarize my journey. However, it is still difficult and stressful to summarize my 28 days of experience in Xizhou into less than 7 minutes. All my other Microcampus friends have such a great video, and the context is so interesting. Some of the videos make me realize an important lesson, and some make me cry and moves my heart. However, I am not sure about my own video.

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Inquiry project and service learning ready for T-check! Mr.Tafel's Pearls of Wisdom sounds pretty scary, and it is actually pretty scary, maybe. 20 minutes talk is 1,200seconds talking and revising for the final inquiry project. Hours working on the inquiry project and now, we have to revise it? With inquiry project and service learning in mind, still time becomes unstill. Like I've said, the last few days will be really busy. 

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I sat in the burning sun, waiting for Ms. Qin's daughter to come. Ms. Qin is my service-learning partner, and although her shop is closed today, we decided to wait for her to receive old photos of her. She kindly had her daughter travel the extra mile from their home in Lake Erhai all the way to Sifang Jie to help us receive these photos. We arrived there at 10:30, promptly waiting. After a few long minutes, I began to be bored. It was then that I learned about the idea of patience. I sat there quietly, collecting media for my inquiry project.

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Day 23, March 31st, 10 a.m. is only sixteen and a half hours away from the time now. That is the time we get our check from Mr. T, called Mr. T's Pearls of Wisdom. We spent our time, working on our Inquiry Project and Service Learning. We are six days away from the end of Microcampus and returning to Shanghai. Time passes as quickly as the blink of an eye. Hours have passed, with me working on my final product. The video is finally complete after days and countless hours of work.

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We all have a day, where we are determined to finish something. If we stay dialed in, focused, determined, almost anything can be accomplished. This is what I went through today, determined to finish most of my service learning and inquiry work. We all kept going, going, and going, focused in hopes of finishing our projects. Now, because of my determination, I was able to finish the goal I had set today. If you all want to find out which mindset you are in, here is a good template to check:

"I won't do it

I can't do it

I want to do it

How do I do it?

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Although today is a weekend, we all needed to work on our Inquiry Work and our Service Learning project. I spent the whole morning finishing my video and my reflection and having a Pearls of Wisdom conversation with Mr. T. I feel that the Pearls of Wisdom conversation is very helpful and helped me identify many things that I could not have found myself. The advice that Mr. T gave me is very helpful, some things such as the transitions and keywords that need to be included in my video.

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As the end of our Microcampus journey creeps closer and closer, so does the due date for our projects that we need to complete. Today was a full day that we had to dedicate to working on our Final Products for our Inquiry work. Everyone could feel the pressure, there's no more excuse for slacking off now. I focused all of my work into the video that I was working to produce today. It was extremely hard work, but I managed to get all of it completed today. Also, we found our service learning partner again and we filmed all of our video and we pretty much have that done as well.

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Today, we had our first conversation with our service learning partner, Mrs. Zhang about her life in Xizhou. My first approach to this project was just to get our work done on time so we could finish editing our video before the due date next Monday. However, my takeaway from this conversation was merely the opposite of my intentions. First, I learned much more about Chinese history than before I woke up this morning. I was also surprised by the fact that Mrs. Zhang herself experienced this in the first person.

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Today I went out with Pepijn to play volleyball. We planned to go to the empty parking lot and play keep it up. After twenty minutes or so a kid came up to us but we couldn't understand him well enough. Pepjin asked him if he wanted to play with us. Laughingly the kid accepted. We proceeded to slowly play. After a while the kid picked it up and we went around the triangle multiple times. Suddenly without telling us he ran away. After ten minutes of us continuing to play he showed up and we conttinued. After a while he had to go to eat and we said goodbye.

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Today has been a long day so far. This morning was a late wake up for me, trying to sleep till 8:30 was not possible with fifteen loud microcampus students talking during breakfast, but I made it work. After breakfast, everyone started to work on the inquiry project again. I started immediately and tried to finish my final video, lucky I finished today so that tomorrow I can easily finish Mr. T's Pearls of Wisdom. This is where Mr. T gives you constructive feedback on your work, which then later you can edit your video to make it even better.

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Gears cranked as the sun falls, as if behind the building, as if to make an explosion, yet all that came was the gentle breeze that sends a coldness that shatters one's spine. Cats and dogs seemed to be fighting in the alleys. A distant alarm rung. The world seemed to twist outside the walls into something too insane. Like an ancient Vegas, with its people and what it once was, crumble to dust, for the rectangular papers people call life. 

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I think this excerpt perfectly describes how humans work and I wanted to share this with you all: 

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Today had been a quite busy and productive day like all the other days. Everyone is dialed in on their inquiry projects and service learning work. I am excited for the service learning project share on Wednesday with our partners including the second trip to Dali Old Town. Even though there are days where we all have free time and have fun together, I also enjoy the days where everyone knows what they have to do and are all focused with it. Last weekend in Xizhou, and we would be back to Shanghai by next week.

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This would be a break day usually, but with our deadlines pulling close, everyone is hard at work. It is quiet everywhere, and students are scattered in many different places. Occaisonal bits of voice-lines could be heard in the silence. I am pretty much finished with my inquiry, so there is a sense of incompleteness looming in the corners when seeing everyone typing away at their computers and working when I am all done. There is still some service learning stuff to do, but so far I am on track.

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As the sun rose, I heard something inside, sink; an emotion perhaps, with a weight that competes the heaviness of the sun's rays. It remained there in realms of confusion, but I was too bothered with other matters to care for such ambiguity. 

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I stared blankly at my computer, brainstorming what to write. Under the muzzled haze of my thoughts, I frantically think about the time. Today I was quite in a rush, juggling my Inquiry Project assignment, SAS Essentials assignments, and Service Learning assignments as I work. I spent long hours recording my Service Learning partner, preparing for next Wednesday as it is the presentation day. Looking through the footage, I remembered the feeling of being rushed but still okay from back in Shanghai.

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Today, without doubt, is the most stressful day so far. I have been working without stop during my inquiry and pitching in time so I would be able to meet my deadline two days from now. Our goal is to produce a video that shares our learning with our target audience so they would be able to learn from my learning process too. I am hoping to finish all my work before tomorrow so I will get at least 24 hours to revise my work on Sunday. Another reason why I want to get my work done before tomorrow is because there might be a possible power outage on Sunday.

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The colors of clouds faded to an overwhelming purple then pink then blue then navy then black. The prayers rung out of the mosque in a sudden fashion that no one shuddered in surprise for. The chanter's sound sounded coarse, possibly sixty, with a dotty white beard and wrinkles climbed around his face. He sounded like tears yet the place seemed too still for such passionate emotions.

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"Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard then succeed on purpose."-G.K. Nelson

Today was the second day that we worked on our final product for our inquiry projects. Today, I spent most of my time working on the video. I worked really hard and had to overcome many challenges. One of the main challenges was aligning the photos to the voice over properly. However, after many trials, I was finally able to find a way to align the photos. After overcoming these challenges, I felt really successful and good about my project.