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In the morning waking up, hearing the thunder, knowing something must be going wrong, unexpected blackout. The electricity meant to resume by 11 pm yesterday, but due to the thunder and lightning, there goes another power outage for half of the day today. Wrapping up service learning and inquiry project the last few days we can just chill. 

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Have you ever thought about just how much thoughts run through our minds every single day? How many threads of thoughts wander in our heads and then before we catch on to them, they run away once more? 

Well, I have. 

We have 50,000 -70,000 thoughts per day. 

This is, to say the least, a lot of words floating through our minds. 

And you know what, sometimes it is alright to just let these thoughts go. We do not have to feel the need to catch on to them. 

We can let them be. 

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Nyctophilia: Love of darkness or night; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.

Sitting in the dark without electricity, without wifi, without power, we could only listen to the creaks of the floorboards and we could only see the sudden flashes of light comings from our headlamps. 

Today, all the power went out. 

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It was raining. The plitter-platter of the constant downpour droned on outside. The first thing we all heard in the morning was an ear-shattering Boom! as a loud bang of thunder seemed to roll right outside our door. The lights were still out. What was supposed to happen at 11 p.m yesterday did not arrive, as the massive rainstorm had cut out the power yet again. Without electricity, practically everyone's electronics were low on battery. Groaning, we realized that today was April Fools- what a great prank by Mother Nature herself!

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Woke up to thunder and lightning echoing in our rooms. Yesterday the power in Xizhou was out from 7:00am-11:00pm, but that did not stop us from getting our work done. We traveled to the Linden Centre from time to time since they had a power generator there. Many of us woke up believing that we would be getting our Wi-Fi and lights back, but unfortuantely that was not the case. Many of us even thought that Mr. T was pranking us since today is coincidenty April Fools. In the morning we were just making predictions about the prank Mr. T was pulling.

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Today, the whole village of Xizhou lost electricity for the whole day. Waking up without light was a pretty weird experience, groping along the walls until I found my flashlight. For the rest of the day, it was weird working without electricity. The wifi was completely shut off, so we basically just worked on finalizing our projects and getting them checked with Mr. T. We spend a lot of time with our service learning partner Mrs. Zhang today, and she showed us many photos of herself when she was younger.

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Today was a very stressful and inefficient day, not because we chose to make it, but because there was a blackout. We all knew about this blackout before and all prepared for it, but it was not enough. Everyone's computer ran out of battery at least one time today and needed to walk to the Linden center to charge. Of the entire village, the Linden center was the only place which had electricity, which means the only place with WIFI and the only place with a working outlet. This was crucial because we are all working on our Service Learning video on iMovie and iMovie kills the battery.

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We were informed ahead of time that there will be no electricity today from 7 am to 11 pm. In the morning when using our bathroom, my first move was to turn on the lights and I realized there will be no electricity for the next 17hours. No light. No wifi. No electricity to charge computers when using iMovie for hours. Going out to SiFangJie seeing most of the stores having generators, all foggy in the air, the sky turning grey, I thought to myself, why can't today just be a restful day.

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Today was a phenomenal experience for me. I woke up fumbling to the light switch and realizing that the lights won't turn on. Then, my morning brain came to realize that it was the electricity outage we were warned about, and now it has come true. Before today, I have never noticed how much our lives revolve around electricity. I have come notice today that no electricity also means goodbye hot showers, outlets, lights, heaters, and most importantly: Wifi. This experience reminds me of a quote we were shared a week ago.

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Electricity. The thing that powers the world nowadays. When you don't have electricity, that includes Wifi, hot water, and lights. What would you do then? We still have to use our laptops for work, which made everything harder. But it wasn't only us without electricity. It was the whole of Xizhou where there was no electricity for the whole day, so it wasn't only us that had challenges. Many Restaurants used generators, or had gas stoves, allowing them to stay in business. 

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Today for the entire town of Xizhou, the electricity is out from 7 am to 11 pm. And from today's incidents, it has shown me how bad of a memory I had. This morning, as I went into the bathroom, I reached out and tried to switch on the lights. To my "surprise", the lights did not open. Who would have thought? In the afternoon, as I had tried to open the lights in the closet, I had then realized again that the electricity was off. As I had tried once more to charge my computer, it did not light up. I then had to go to the Linden Centre to charge it.

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Starting from around 7:30 a.m. this morning, the lights, hot water, and all the electricity went out all throughout Xizhou. People used the sun as their main source of light, while fire, created by gasoline, kept families warm instead of heaters. As I walked through the dining room door, the food on the table seems to change a shade of color. The original pancakes were substituted by 饅頭, scrambled eggs were substituted by corn, 餌絲 was substituted by sweet potato slices. Things went downhill from there.

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Today there was no technology, and the moment there wasn't, the day went wonky. I realized how necessary technology is to today's society. I had had a little taste of missing technology due to going to Microcampus with a smarter phone, though I never experienced something like this. The village had an entire day worth of no electricity, and specifically technology, because of rebooting and renewing the electric system. I imagined Shanghai without technology and how hopeless a modern city like Shanghai would be.

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The switches responded with darkness, the water turned cold. The blue morning light shown mildly through the silk curtains, fragmented like strands. 

The weight light pressured upon my eyes was then lifted, made it light enough to not feel the layers of things, for they all became muddled, as the layers conjured, and became the other. 

Night fell, yet the lightness of lightless never seemed to part through the dark. 

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Today, I was able to get the pearl of wisdom from Mr. T of my video that I created for my final product, sharing my learning. It was very stressful until today, I had done my best to make the video with the highest quality I can make since this was the first time for me to use iMovie and edit my own video. We had an electricity outage today, and we could not go on the internet and could not charge our laptops. It was difficult, but it was part of our challenges, and we must go through challenges and overcome them. 

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Today there was a power outage. Of course, we knew it was coming. It was not scary or maddening but it was a nuisance. This morning the shower was so cold it gave me a brain freeze and I was doing everything in the dark from brushing my teeth to making my bed. Breakfast was cold pretty cold and somethings were not there ( the best things). My computer is old and really bad. After only two hours my computer was out of power. The linden centre had power from 11:00 to 2:00 so I went there with my Service Learning group to do work and charge our computers.

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Today was a day without any power throughout the day, from 7am-11pm there will be no power at Yang Zhou Ran. This has caused some minor problems/delays in our work. This morning waking up late was an issue and a huge mistake, waking up at eight thirty and having a freezing cold shower is not the best feeling ever but I got over that. Later in the morning, everyone did there Mr. T's Pearls of Wisdom, this is when Mr. T gives us feedback on our final product.

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We had our Pearls of Wisdom session with Mr. Tafel today. Essentially, he reviewed our inquiry project videos and provided feedback accordingly. I see a lot of people needing to fix their entire videos, having to basically start over from the top, but mine did not really turn out that badly. I only needed to fix a couple of subtitles and re-record the ending segment due to background noises and such. With that out of the way, all that will be left is the Service Learning project.