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For five years, I lived in Korea and had almost forgotten all of my experiences of other countries outside Korea. In my school in Korea, we students had stereotypes and negative opinions of China the country itself, and the Chinese people. My friends and I though the Chinese weren't intelligent like us, and were very outdated. We also thought China was very dirty and poor compared to Korea. However, I my grandfather and dad had studied and traveled China a lot when my father was in college. They told me China would become one of the strongest and dynamic country in the world.

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I have never been to Xizhou before, however, after working on my inquiry project, I have come up with some assumptions of the place and the people of Xizhou. 

I think that the province of Yunan has a lot of mountains, but also plateaus. One of the most important geographical features of Yunan is Erhai. I have heard that Yunan is famous for their spicy food and have snacks that are different than other parts of China. The architecture of the village are probably traditional Chinese buildings made of wood. 

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Over winter vacation I embarked on a journey to visit four different cities within China. The purpose was to experience life in China outside of the Shanghai bubble. The first three cities I have visited was Chengdu, Chongqing, and Guiyang. Among those three cities was Kunming, Yunnan. I learned a lot throughout the short two days I was there for. The past three cities had been relatively cold due to the cold winter sensations in China in general. But when I stepped onto the platform at one of the train stations in Kunming, I felt the change in air immediately.

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I have never been to Yunnan before but I have heard a lot about it from both the people around me and from microcampus meetings. I learned that Yunnan compared to Shanghai is not as populated nor is it as well rounded. The province is filled with low towers and flats that provide enough space for the small population of Yunnan. Especially Xizhou, the village is embedded in natural barriers such as mountains and the well known Lake Er. Lake Er is the second longest Lake in China and an essential resource supply for the citizens of Xizhou.

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From the minute I entered middle school everyone was talking about two things. China Alive and Microcampus. I have already joined China Alive twice but have never experienced going to Microcampus. I love to visit new places and discover the culture and secrets. I am very excited about this experience which is only a couple months away.

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Click Click, 3 o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday, it was the sound of my mouse clicking to see the update for the Microcampus. Fortunately, I saw my name on the list, but i decided not to like it too much because there were other friends who could make it. Now, here I am gettting ready for the Microcampus adventure. I'm very excited about the new experience and skills i will get to learn in a traditional village, Xizhou. I"ve never heard of Xizhou and that was also one of the reasons why i had applied. I wanted to learn more about China, and this new school.

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I grew up in a family of travellers.  Long before I was born, my parents were already travellers, travelling to countries and cities closest to Shanghai because they were more occupied back then.  Travelling brought us together, closer.  But for all those trips, I've never thought about the reason behind travelling, to try new food, to visit famous museums, to plainly spare time?  Microcampus is different.  We learn, we engage, we explore things we might never had end up knowing without this trip to XiZhou.  It's five months before the trip and I worked myself into a frenzy.  Microcampus w

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I am so excited. I was in the eighth-grade hallway on Friday, just repeatedly refreshing my email just waiting for the message from Mr. Tafel, and I can not believe I am a part of this year's micro-campus group. I cannot wait to go to Xizhou. I am looking forward to so many different aspects of what makes micro-campus such a good experience for students. I am especially looking forward to meeting new people and working on inquiry projects.

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Microcampus had been a name that hung by my ear for all the years I have been at SAS, and now that I am finally about to participate in this amazing program, I am very excited for the future only a few months away. Though there are fears like not being able to attend classes and not able to stay in my normal place of comfort, I believe I will conquer such fears very quickly.

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Okay. Microcampus isn't until the beginning March, but I feel like it's just around the corner. I know it shouldn't be a monster that haunts me in my sleep. Instead, it should be a dark cave with treasures at the very end. I do want to go, I really do. But, leaving my life in Shanghai, leaving my friends, leaving my family, my dog, it's tough. I could literally imagine myself with tears streaming down my face because of hearing the familiar voice on the other side of the phone. Instead of looking ahead, I feel like I need to look at the moment, stay in the moment, live in the moment.