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Dear Taylor,


It has been a wild ride of anticipation. Checking and rechecking the packing list. Wondering and thinking and knowing that this will be amazing but already missing you so much. And now the day is here and you are off. Just like that. We hug you so much as if you could send that into your amazingly prepared bags.  Hugs and kisses weren't on the packing list...I wonder why!

We send you off, knowing that it hasn't been the first time and won't be the last time. 

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I really enjoyed meeting Brian Linden last weekend and hearing his vision. His vision for of restoring historical, cultural structures and starting a new type of hotel and cultural experience combined is revolutionary. I hope others do it too. Preserving our past and showing the rich culture around us. Colin, I'm so proud that you get to experience this. I know you must have learned so much. We can't wait to see you very soon!


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Hi Ethan,

Have been reading your journals and everyone else's as well. What an amazing opportunity to learn so much, see the world from different perspective, learn to take care of yourself and how to work together as a group. The experience is awesome.  There is definitely ups and down, highs and lows.  This is what makes it great.  Enjoy this journey. And am really excited for you to have this experience.  Love, Mom

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Dear Colin,

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you are making friendships that last a lifetime. I hope that you are building your character with this adventure. I'm so blessed to have you as my son. I love you with every fiber in me. We miss you being around the dinner table for Thanksgiving but we are so thankful you are coming back to us soon. Luke wrote about what he is thankful for and he is thankful for having you as a big brother and role model. Have a wonderful holiday!! Sending you much love from Shanghai!!


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This is the last day prior to Ethan's departure tomorrow morning.  Am sure it'll be an unforgettable experience for you. Your first time to be away from the family for such a long time. We'll definitely miss you.

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It is almost time to pack up and be on your way...bittersweet feeling for the parents left in the 'bubble.'  One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to let go so their children can fly!  Remember on your journey....run so you can fly, know that you may fall.  But never forget to get up, brush it off and run again.....through falling you will reach the stars....and we will always be here to help you as you need.  

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We are excited to send Lexi off to Microcampus. Lexi is two of three in our home. She is part of our team. We spent a day shopping for the requested items on the packing list. She is getting better the more we travel to pack less each trip. Lexi traveled back to camp in California alone last summer but it was easier knowing that Target was close and she could buy whatever she needed if she forgot something. That camp took away phones for the week. Not communicating for a week was a challenge. Counting on others for the safety and well being for your kid takes courage.

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Our family is so excited about this journey you are about to take.  I can only imagine the interesting life you will have there and the strong friendships you will make on this trip.  We love you very much.  We are here cheering you on.  We will all miss you dearly but know that you will learn important life tools on this trip.  Wishing you and all that go on this wonderful adventure much fun, much learning and a fabulous time.  




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My son had safely arrived home and I was touched on what I saw at the airport, a couple with little baby managed a learning journey of a group of teens of eleven and that was not the first time and also not the last time, and they've done it many times and would do many times more. My son insisted on managing his luaggage and that was my first time experience and came as a nice surprise.

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The photo was taken by Isaac's classmate Harriettee.  The first time I looked at the photo was via my iPhone.  The photo was taken in a nonconventional way, a bit titled, and taking from the back with many other elements in the photo.  IN fact I didn't see my son in the photo.  Only when I use my computer to click into the mircocampus website, did I realized that in fact Isaac was in the photo.  This experience inspired me to learn of the fact that my son today is different from my son yesterday.  He grows fast not only physically but also emotinoally and mentally.

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We miss our daughter, but the nightly phone calls are great. She's excited to be on her own, I can tell. Her reports are quite animated. She likes the food! I find that when I'm with people I like in a place I enjoy, food tastes better. Maybe it's the same for them. 

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From Harriette's Dad:

Since we arrived at SAS Puxi 2 years ago, I have hoped our girls would want to attend this unique program and thereby benefit from all of the personal and educational "stretching" that will come along with it.  I'm delighted by the amount of time, thought and energy Mr. Tafel continues to put into this program, and have been very encouraged to see Harriette respond over the past few months in thinking about her project.  

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Hi Mr. Tafel,

Great work - your instructions are crystal-clear and make the task of setting our parent access very simple and easy to follow!

Really looking forward to watching how Griffon progresses through his journey - we are all very excited about this great opportunity.  


Thank you for making it available to him and his class-mates!

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I'm not looking forward to this, to be very honest. I'm going to miss having my daughter around. She is my main source of entertainment! :-)  But this is something she needs, and so do we. She needs to learn to become more independent and take care of herself. 

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Dear Nicole,

The time has come.  You will be leaving brignt and early tomroow morning and i can't wait to hear about your adventure in Xizhou! Love you, Mom

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Dear Claire,


Watching you busy preparing for Microcampus is exciting, feels like I am going out for an adventure.

There will be plenty of interesting things and people for you to experience, all starts in less than 3 days...

I am a little bit worried about your recently injured foot. Pl. take care of yourself and don't run too fast...

Have fun!



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Dear Mallory,

I am so excited for you!  You're going to have a wonderful one month adventure and will have many great take aways.  I can't wait to hear all your stories.  Have fun, we will miss you tons and I look forward to May 27! 

Love You,