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Today I woke up at 6:30 a.m., excited and nervous to be heading to Xizhou. As soon as we arrived at Hongqiao airport I knew that this was going to be a start of a new 28-day long trip where I will be able to learn, change, and grow. After saying our goodbyes and giving our last hugs to family members for the next month we got on a plane for 3 1/2 hours. As soon as we were nearby the Dali airport we saw the clear and warm weather which was the opposite of Shanghai weather right now.

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Today is November 19, the first full day of Microcampus. After breakfast, we went on a 2-hour tour of our home and walked to the market. We went into a rice shop where people made Er si, which is a Chinese noodle dish that we had for breakfast. The shop was full of rice, and it was very interesting to watch the people make the long rice noodles and Er Kuai.

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Microcampus, Day 2. We got to wake up at a reasonable time, have an incredible breakfast, then we prepared to leave our home for this 28 days. As we made our way towards the main square of XiZhou, we were reminded multiple times to make sure we remebered the way home, as we would be walking home by ourselves. We saw various souvenirs, local specialties, and many different foods. One of the more memorable events of Day 2 was going to the rice shop, where we got to try blended rice, and we got to see how rice noodles were made.

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On the second day of Microcampus, my group got in some trouble that Mr. T told us several times and gave us reminders. In the morning, I woke up a little bit tired. I should have had 9 hours of sleep, but instead, I only had about 7-8 hours of sleep. Around noon, Mr. Tafel and his crew gave us a 2-hour tour of the Xizhou village.

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Today, November 18th, 2017, is the day the 21st Microcampus group, Group Ultimate, arrived in Xizhou. After we sat through a 3 and a half hour plane ride to Dali, and then a 1-hour bus ride to Xizhou, we finally arrived at our new home for the next 28 days. When we first arrived, I was taken aback by how modern the architectural structure of the rooms in our new home Yang Zhuo Ran was. Each bedroom was furnished with 2 beautifully-built bunker beds, at least 1 table, as well as a bathroom with a sink, a shower, and a toilet.

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Today is Saturday, November 18. The ultimate group departed from Shanghai to Xizhou. I was very excited to go, but I was also nervous. After going through security the people who finished their inquiry project got to go to the airport to look for lunch. The people who did not finish stayed with Mr. Tafel and Mrs. Mai to finish it. We first got 100 RMB for lunch and other things we can buy. After a few hours of wandering around, we met at our got and boarded the plane. The flight was 3 and a half hours long.

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Today was the first day of Microcampus, our travel day. I was sad but excited at the same time to leave my family for one month. We traveled from Shanghai to Xizhou by plane, then took a 1-hour bus ride from the Dali airport to the Linden Center. At the Shanghai airport, Mr. Tafel left the people that finished their inquiry project work go eat at the airport as a group. Everyone that did not do their work on time they had to stay and finish their work. We got 100 kuai to buy breakfast and lunch.

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Waking up at 6:00 to leave home at 7:00 is just like a normal morning. But where I was heading was going to be an amazing experience. November 18th, 2017, was the official first day of the "Ultimate" groups Microcampus experience. I remember arriving to the airport at 8:00; which was one hour earlier than the actual meeting time, but it was favorable as I got to enjoy some more time with my family. Once everybody was there, we started handing out baggage tags, putting our suitcases on trolleys, and making sure that everyone was there.

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Flying over the ErHai Lake was not what I expected. ErHai Lake was reflecting the dazzling sunlight, and the mountains were flourished with trees. Hours earlier, we were gathered in the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, not knowing what to expect, and what sceneries we would be seeing. However, now that I have arrived in Yunnan, I can see why Mr Tafel and Ms Mai admire and love Yunnan so much. Even though I could not tell what was hidden under the clear blue water, I could still imagine the fishes that swim in the lake. The lush river banks were bursting with different types of plants.

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Today marked the first day of our journey in Xizhou! It seems like just yesterday we started preparing for this very trip, and as quick as a lightning strike, the has passed right before very eyes. After spending half a day scrambling to the airport gates, stumbling through an active construction site, and finally settling into our rooms, we could finally say our journey was complete. Leaving Shanghai, I was filled with a mix of emotions: sad for leaving my friends and family, nervous for the journey that awaits, and excited to be able to go to the village of Xizhou.

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Today I arrived at our new home in Xizhou and got my first glimpse of Yan Zhou Ran. After our tour, I found every place that I wanted to spend time at. There was a music room, a terrace, and even a TV room. A dinner was well deserved after our 3 and a half hour flight and a one hour bus ride. We went through multiple procedures and received our rooms, I am rooming with Chris and Saleem. We have unpacked and are ready for tomorrows adventure. 

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As me and my family wave goodbye at the Airport, I was nervous and excited at the same time. Microcampus, a 28-day journey has begun. After spending half of the day at the airport, stumbling through numerous gates, we finally arrived at Dali. Mr. Tafel gave us a rolling classroom on the car ride from the airport to the Yang Zhou Rang resident where we will be living. Carrying heavy suitcases and bags made all of us exhausted and were relieved when we arrived at our new home for the next month.