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Today was the first rainy day of Microcampus. It was dreary and cold, but the Voyagers pushed forward. Our schedule was the exact same as normal, but as Shirley X. and I fast-walked for wellness and when I went out for teacher support with Ms. Mai, we all got drenched. During down time, we all sat cozy and warm working on our pitching in items, journals, or inquiry projects, while we watched the rain pouring in the court yard. We all looked like large balloons with all the layers we had on.

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A cloudy day always ought to bring a different feeling. Today, I have interviewed two other people for my last inquiry project field research. Because it was rainy, there weren't a lot of horsecart drivers. Instead, as planned, I interviewed a cart driver near the embroidery store Happy Embroidery. He didn't really give me abundant information, but I also got to ask a few questions to the customer of the cart.

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After a long battle of the brains, Alaskan Billy Goats in the lead with 72 points, Connect Four running right on their heels with 70 points, Sweet Baba (us) trails the two leaders, while the poor old 8th graders are far away with only 13 points. The game host announces the final round, risk as many points as you want, if you answer the 5 out of 6 questions correct, your score is doubled. The teams argue between going all in or playing it safe. The leading teams glare at each other using their amazing knowledge of game theory to predict the other team's choice.

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Today is one of those quiet, restful, and rainy days at Microcampus where all of us are more tranquil than usual. 
I spent my afternoon doing fieldwork with Ms. B as my teacher support and finishing Phase 3, and then moved on to do some Wellness by promenading around and observing everything around me. 

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This afternoon from 3:00-4:00 pm during Wellness time Sam B. and I went bike riding! We turned left when we arrived at the ficus tree and rode forward when we reached Xizhou's most dangerous intersection. Sam and I agreed to explore and wander through unfathomable alleys and streets to branch out of our comfort zones for personal growth. The two of us cycled through sludge, dust, and soot.

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I went to eat breakfast and was surprised by the new selection of foods, which included fried eggs and mushroom buns. I ate the mushroom bun and realized that I do not really like mushrooms... not at all. Today is also the day Phase 3 is due and although I got all the information I need about tools, health benefits, color, age, price, packaging, everything, but I have no idea what my final product will be.

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I am very confused... Is it possible to have thunder on a sunny bright day? How did I never know that? Why is there thunder on a sunny day? This magical weather of Xi Zhou has left me confused, and mad. Why do rain and thunder have to come down on our day of laundry? Now first, we can not leave our clothes outside and second, we can not allow our cloth to dry in the sunlight meaning our cloth will still be wet at night! Thanks a lot, weather from Xizhou.

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Monday, Day 17: the start of our third week at Microcampus. I just came back from my Inquiry Project work and almost completely forgot about my Wellness activity until I saw Anders L. and Brandt L. getting ready to leave for wellness. I asked if I could join, and thankfully, they said yes. I quickly put on my heart rate monitor and we set out the door, for yoga that is.

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Monday, Day 17: the start of our third week at Microcampus. I just came back from my Inquiry Project work and almost completely forgot about my Wellness activity until I saw Anders L and Brandt L getting ready to leave for wellness. I asked if I could join, and thankfully, they said yes. I quickly put on my heart rate monitor and we set out the door, for yoga that is. They said they had planned to do set up the yoga mats in the middle of the street, which I guess was... exciting?

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Yesterday for wellness we went out for the first time to do yoga. We decided to expand our boundaries and do some yoga by the ficus tree. The ficus tree is a good place to hang out and chill outside of Yangzhouran. We went there and set up our yoga mats to do yoga, and we started. Because we were all trying to get TZ (30 minutes in the training zone) everyone once in a while, we would change and do a short burst of push-ups so that we could get or heart rate up. Except for Brandt, he was able to get TZ sitting there.

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Yesterday was a fabulous day, where we were able to make a lot of progress with our service learning partner. Despite the complications and hardships, I managed to coordinate all four members and three of us successfully left Yangzhuoran at 12:35, meeting with the fourth member, who ate out, at Sifangjie at 12:42. By 12:50, we arrived at Yang NaiNai's place and set up our camera shooting. At the time, only Yang NaiNai's daughter was at the stall, sewing the tie-dye. At 1:00 exactly, Yang NaiNai came and was super excited about our first shooting.

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3 loads of laundry and 130 photos to upload. 

Lag is one of the world's biggest problems nowadays. Given the fact that wifi is our new lord and savior, anything that hurts it is, therefore, our enemy. Well, I had to face my enemy for 20 minutes while I was uploading my photos, one at a time, the spinning wheel of death, slowly getting me, bringing about my end. After that was done, laundry. 3 loads of laundry in one day. Putting it in, taking it out, drying it, sorting it. 

Today was a pretty loaded day.

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For my Inquiry Project today, I visited the tourism center for a radical Inquiry Project phase. Instead of talking to locals, I decided to up the ante and visit the tourism center, and talk to the professionals. Their job was to help tourists and provide insight about tourism, so I figured they would know more than the layman. I think that this is an unheard-of activity in Microcampus, and I was seriously concerned I would get thrown out. As it turned out, the guy was really nice.

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The capricious weather truly amazes me.

We had to cancel our plan to visit our Service Learning partner due to the sudden rain. I just made a trip downstairs to add another layer to my fragile body, consisting of wobbly flesh and bones. Maybe blood, I am not sure considering the current temperature of my hands. I guess the grey sky makes me unusually pessimistic. It is interesting how the color of the main courtyard darkens and I can see the distinctive areas that the roof covers, that remains dry. 

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At one point in imperial Britain, the British household spent 5% of their income on TEA.

I have always wondered why: what was so good about tea? Although tea had a rather interesting flavor, it was bitter and bland. Why does the average British household not spend 5% of their income on fruit juice? Or soup? Now that I have drank some tea myself, here is my answer. There is nothing very great about tea, but it was better than water.

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Two friends of mine decide to join me at Pessoa Coffee, however to work off the fat we were going to get from intaking the red velvet milk (Pink Drink). We decided to go for an exploration around the Linden Centre first. We found a small exercise park where it had many different small machines to do some small exercises. We decided to spend our still time trying out the many different machines (they were all facing a beautiful old twisted tree). We had lots of fun trying to figure out what each machine was supposed to do. One of them, we decided, was apparently just to massage your leg.