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Yesterday night for evening activity the entire Voyagers Microcampus group traveled to Dali Old Town! We were permitted the gift of eating western food.

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Yesterday I thought I was not going to be going to Dali old town but I was pleasantly surprised. All the students went to Dali old town and ate there that night. I and Austin went together as a pair and ate at Sandra's... Something. This was apparently the same restaurant that Mr. T had to take all of the misbehaving kids to eat at, which was a low number of 6. I ate a bolognese Meatball pasta and Austin ate a cheese pizza. I also ordered an awfully disgusting drink, an Oreo milkshake, which was okay but too sugary for the salty foods I was eating.

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Today the whole group payed a visit to Dali Old Town, and I do not hesitate to say I love Dali Old Town. I love how they preserved the old buildings but allowed new businesses to open up. I love how they cater to both foreigners and locals alike, and I love how they have opened up the place to tourists. In stark contrast to Xizhou, Dali Old Town has been completely and utterly cashing in on tourists. Filling the wide boulevards of pedestrian streets are tourists and locals alike, coexisting in a strange tourism hub. 

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Yesterday night, the whole voyagers crew received the golden ticket to Dali Old Town. We travelled by bus to this, by name, exotic and mysterious town. As most of us had expected, Dali Old Town had been highly commercialized for tourism purposes. The Old Town was not so much of an "Old" Town even though it is called Dali Old Town. After our arrival, we were given the opportunity to explore on our own. My group and I decided to walk around first, because none of us were hungry for dinner.

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Today, Aria F., Sam B., and I cross-fit-ed all the way to Pessoa Cafe to get Aria the mysterious "Pink Drink" that our fellow Voyagers have been talking about. We saw a bunch of dogs as we waited for the fancy drink. Once it arrived, Aria let me try a sip. It tasted a lot like hot chocolate. I was more confused than I should have been about how they maintained the bright pink while still making it taste like a hot chocolate.

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Today Sarah R. and I went to Mr. and Ms. Wang's house. We wanted to watch them make baskets. We biked there and we watched Ms. Wang make the bottom of the basket. It was really pretty. When I saw Old Ms. Wang, I asked her if I could buy a basket. There were only two people in the house bought a small basket, which only costs 8RMB. After that, we continue to watch Ms. Wang weave the base of the basket. She offered us to help. We did a little bit of a basket weaving for the sides. As we do, Ms.

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Today, Sunny Q. and I went back to the tea shop I came yesterday. There is the same lady that I met the day before. She is Ms. He. She poured us some Puer tea, which is well-known in Yunnan. We asked he questions, and she responded to us. The questions we asked were mainly about our Inquiry Projects. Since my Inquiry Project is about the connection between people and plants, I asked Ms. He about where the tea comes from and where are these plants located it.

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This afternoon, after working on Phase 4 of my inquiry project, Josie C and I biked back down to Mr. Wang's house because Josie wanted to buy a bamboo woven basket. When we got there, Mr. Wang was not there but his daughter was. His daughter showed me how to make the base of a basket, and she also let Josie and I continue weaving one of the baskets that she had already started. It was really relaxing to just sit outside and weave while taking with Wang Ayi. 

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Today’s a day of clear blue skies and a bright sun in Xizhou. As a group, we finished our Phase 4, which is a stage of planning before creating our final product. My final product is going to be a video that consists of footages and photos and a voice over. Besides preparing for the final product, we also filmed our first footage for Service Learning. Our first filming didn't go very well - we had a lack of preparation and planning. The video was choppy and the interview wasn't smooth enough. We had a lot of work to do and a lot of effort to put in as well. 

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Many people are writing about Mr. T's All Star Wizbang Super Duper Trivia Night, and although my title may make you think otherwise, this journal post is no exception. 

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After crossfitting all the way to Pessoa Cafe, Sam B., Lily H., and I decided to split a special secret drink made by the owner, Peter. We watched the dogs pass by us and counted them as we saw them run after one another. The secret drink tasted great and reminded me so much of red velvet cakes with a hint of chocolate. 

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Today was a first day after finishing my phase 3. Thus, I did not go out to talk to the villagers in Xizhou about their religion. It felt so out of place to just stay in a classroom throughout my whole time for the inquiry project. I realized that I am truly going to miss talking to people out here. Time for my fieldwork was when I had most of my "takeaway" moments or "Aha!" moments during my life in Microcampus. I learned much more than something simply related to my inquiry project topic.

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Yesterday, I completed my last field research and finished all requirements for my Phase 3 work. I submitted the document (and prayed for the Wifi to work), then went for a walk with Alex K. and Anders L.. After we passed Ranyixiang and turned a left, rain started pouring down on us. Although all three of us had our rain gear, we decided to let the rain drain down on us, and wash off all the leftover sore, all the stress, as well as wake us up from the constant working environment. Unfortunately, we were all freezing when we got back.

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Connect Four, 8th Grades, Sweet BaBa, and Alaskan Billy Goats

Those were the four-team competing against each other in the trivia. The Alaskan Billy was really powerful leading with 72 points, the Connect Four with 70 points. the Sweet BaBa with 59 points (us), and the poor Eight Grades with 13 points,

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Today was the first day I was the Daily Meeting Facilitator. Every day we have a daily meeting, and this is an organized time to listen and to relay information to everyone. This is where the committee can share updates and make sure everyone knows who is doing laundry of dish duty for the day after. Mr.T can give feedback to how everyone is dong on there work or spread out a timeline, so we are all prepared for the days ahead. Anyway, for this meeting, there is a minute take and a facilitator.

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So today during the daily meeting, Mr.T pointed out that however much comfort food I eat, however much space I have to put my souvenirs and bought items. I would think I better start eating my comfort food quick because if you have not seen the amount of tea I bought, it is a decent amount. There is a Dian Hong barrel of tea, a cake of tea, a brick of tea, a bag of green tea and a...ball of tea? Yeah, I think I am not going to be bringing the green tea back as it takes the most space.

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Last night, for evening activities, the Microcampus Voyagers group participated in Mr. T's All-Star Wiz-Bang Super Duper Trivia Night. To take part in the evening activity, each service learning group had to come up with a costume, group name, and group leader. My service learning group was called The 8th Graders and we dressed up in our sunglasses, warm fuzzy hats, and hoodies. Trivia night was super fun because we competed with three other groups. Everyone in my group was hoping our group would win, but in the end we ended up last.