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Now having been at Microcampus for 21 days, the work is finally starting to pile up a bit. As of now, we've just finished our Phase 4 work and is starting on our Final Product. It's absolutely unbelievable how quickly the time has gone by and how much is left. I don't know, I might be starting to miss this place a little already.

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Yesterday for wellness Brandt, Sunny, Sonia and I decided that we needed more photos of Xizhou. So we went out and walked around Xizhou taking pictures. We first went to Sufanjie and took a lot of pictures of the square. Sadly to the square was crowded and we were not able to get a lot of good photos. Hopefully, we can go back and get more pictures because the square was lovely. The ample open space with the big gate is the superb place for a public space. After that, we went downs a thin alleyway with a lot of cool shops placed at the sides.

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Yesterday, we visited Yang NaiNai again. This time, we brought two cameras: one for the interview and chat, the other for B-rolling. My job was to capture some scenery footage, some street footage, some tie-dyeing footage, and some pedestrain footage.

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Firstly, a note about my genealogy. My grandparents from my father's side were from Shandong and Liaoning, but mostly lived in Heilongjiang, shown on the map. My grandparents from my mother's side were from Luoyang, which is right underneath the Yellow river. Many people tell me that I have a Dongbei accent, which is shown in my slightly heavy pronunciation and the catchphrase "zala?", which roughly translates into "What?". 

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Today, Sarah R. and I went to Mr. Wang's to take some photos for her inquiry project final product. It was a 15 minute bike ride and when we got there Mr. Wang's daughter and son in law were very open to us looking around and taking photos. They had a variety of baskets in many rooms connected to their court yard. Some baskets, I could probably fit in. After a while of us asking questions, they offered to let us try weaving a part of an unfinished basket.

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I decided to take a full tour around Xizhou and perhaps get some good and beautiful footage for my inquiry project. First, I explored Mr. Du's hotel all the way to the top floor. He had a beautiful overhead view of all the architecture of Xizhou. It felt like we could see all of Xizhou. The effects of modernization could also be seen from up there. On top of every traditional roof, there was a huge power box (not sure what it was) with huge coils of wires sticking out from it.

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For Wellness, a peer and I visited the temple nearby. One was entirely Buddhist while the other one was a temple worshipping a local god. Although my family is Buddhist, I never had a strong faith or connection to religion. My view towards religion was not the most positive, and sometimes I was just indifferent to it. However, for an unknown reason, I felt very calm and peaceful today when I visited those two temples. 

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Spending 20 days with a group of people that you are not related to is truly a unique experience. 

Going into this, I thought everyone was being dramatic when they said that Microcampus created a new family for them; but it is not hyperbolized at all. 

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Mrs. Li is an absolute angel. I am so lucky to call her my Service Learning partner, and although sometimes it is hard to understand everything she says, she always smiles and laughs and it makes me feel so happy. She has been a farmer for over 50 years in Xizhou now, and always makes sure to give me and my Service Learning group a few carrots each time we visit. The carrots are absolutely the best; crunchy, the perfect texture, and a hint of sweetness in each of them packed in a vibrant orange color. 

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After getting my hands back on the violin again, I began to realize everything that I was missing out on.

Firstly, I realized my violin skills were taking a dive. Paganini's Caprice #24, which I had begun to work on before my violin back split in half (Do not ask), was abysmal. The theme already sounded awry, with my fingering too high. The variations sounded even worse, as my usually smooth fingering turned into a frantic shuffle. My Intro and Rondo Capriccioso was even worse, with Camille Saint-Saens probably rolling in his grave...

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Last night, everyone on Microcampus earned the opportunity to go the Dali Old Town, which is a big tourist attraction in Dali. We all got on the bus and rode for about 40 minutes until we got there, then we got into groups to wander around and get dinner with. My group went to Stella's Pizza, and I got half a small pizza and half of a burger. After we ate we went to a cafe called The Sweet Tooth, which was oppenend by Korean missionaries who wanted to use their profits to help the deaf and hard of hearing. At The Sweet Tooth, I got a mini molten chocolate lava cake, and it was so good.

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Last night, the entire Voyagers group earned the right to go to Dali Old Town for dinner. Dali Old Town is a large tourist destination in Dali. The town was full of bustling people with cameras around their necks and wide gaping mouths. Once we reached the town, we split off into groups and went to our own ways. The whole town was lit with lights from many restaurants stalls and cafes, each one serving a different dish or drink from a variety of different places around the world.

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As a break from our stressful (kind of, not really) week, I got invited (with the all exclusive gold pass) to go on a trip for Dali Old Town. As much as the name may imply that the town is a traditional Chinese town, it seemed to be equipped for Westerners instead. The town seemed to offer mainly Western restaurants and shops, even the Eastern food were mainly Indian, Malaysian, etc.

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The day comes when the bright yellow flowers start to disappear. What is only left are green healthy canola beans. The day comes that the canola fields nearby the highway are empty. No tourists are in the fields taking a selfie. I am very grateful that the canola flowers bloomed right when we arrived at Xizhou. Now that these bright yellow flowers are starting to disappear, I wave them a goodbye. I do not miss these flowers, nor do I want to get rid of them. The time has come and it has come at the right time. I can imagine when we leave Xizhou that all of these flowers are gone.

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Foreigners. English menus. Loud streets. Dali Oldtown was the polar opposite of what Xizhou is. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring our cameras with us just for the sake of keeping our valuables safe. Another thing we need not worry about in our home. Eager to get our bellies full before another other group takes over a good restaurant, we settled for the first restaurant that caught our eyes. There, I got my first bite of pizza for the first time in nineteen days.

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Although today is Day 20 of Microcampus, Day 19 was too good to not write about. All sixteen of us were allowed to take a bus to Dali Old Town for an opportunity to explore the area for two hours.We split up into groups of four and in my group, was Anders L, Clark W, and Sonia Z. The four of us set off to find a restaurant called, Bad Monkey. Bad Monkey was described as a heavy metal restaurant/ bar, and the people there were described to us by Mr. T as people with piercings, tattoos, who drank beer. We were determined to find that place.

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Yesterday for evening activity we went to Dali old town. Its the tourist hub of the area and we had to be on our best behavior and we all very lucky to go. We got dropped off at the corner of the town, and we got let off with 1 hour and 20 minutes to eat and explore. We walked around a bit, and it was surprising to see a big group of people around (mostly because we have not seen something like that in 3 weeks). The town was a lot different from our home in Xizhou because of all the tourist shops and chains.