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Today was the most intense inquiry day I have ever had. I straight up recorded all of my scripts, either with 2 tries or 20 tries and probably not the best audio there is. I had to go to my closet as it was too loud outside with all of the 15 other students doing their own thing. I also started putting all of my photos and videos into iMovie, got half of the editing finished, and it should take a short amount of time to finish it up. Later, I went out with my service learning group to get some B roll and it went pretty well.

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Three quarters. Already. 6 days left.
I am beginning to become afraid of going back to Shanghai. And the first reason is because Xizhou food is unexpectedly great (my parents and grandparents kept on exaggerating on how spicy Yunnan food can be in order to make me miss food back home…).
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I got a sore throat today not because of a cold but rather because of recording my final product's voice over too many times. As I finished typing up my two and a half page script, I spent at least an hour of recording. I attempted to finish each paragraph without speaking too fast along with a formal tone of voice. However, I was not able to complete it within a short period of time due to my frequent mistakes. After taking rests in intervals, I managed to finish the recording portion of my work. 

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You know those youtube channels and the blogs, where there is a list of acknowledgments that really touch you. If you bothered to read the behind the last pages of some thrilling novel, there is always a heartfelt and emotional thanks for everyone who supported him or her in his or her journey.

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This time next week, we will all be back in Shanghai. 

Every day for the next week will be the last day of that week that we spend in Xizhou. Today is the last Saturday. Tommorrow will be the last Sunday. This means anything but slacking off. We will have time to slack off once we are back, but right now is the peak of both Microcampus work and Microcampus emotions. Microcampus work is fairly straightforward. Our Inquiry Project is supposed to be done by tomorrow. Our Service Learning Project is supposed to be done by Tuesday.

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Yesterday was our last regular day of Microcampus. Today is the last Saturday and the beginning of the last weekend. We are starting the lastest. The last Sunday, the last laundry day, the last dish duty. 

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I remember I mentioned waking up to the sound of chirping birds in the morning. It is fascinating how I could tell the time by the sound of birds after three weeks in Xizhou. When I opened my eyes and saw thin beams of pale blue light passing through the curtains. The room was silent. I laid on my bed facing the nothingness because I did not want to wake the others. Only when I heard the birds singing outside I realized that it would be around six thirty in the morning.

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This morning I went to visit Nai Nai and Jie Jie again. When Taylor and I got there, Nai Nai and Jie Jie pulled out the tie-dye that we had already completed and it was dyed blue! We both spend about 20 minutes cutting the stitching and pulling out the thread. And when we finally got all of the thread out, we got to see our finished tie-dye! 

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Today was the last day of Microcampus essentials, which means that another major project is going to take over the stress that the SAS essentials originally left us, yes! That my friends would be the combined forces of the due dates of Service Learning and Inquiry project, which is about as nice as it can get. Today I also went and became the meeting facilitator for the first time, which was stressful at first, but I had the best feeling of relief after it was done.

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Today was great. I had from 1:00 to 5:45 in the afternoon having my choice in whatever I needed to do in order to complete my Inquiry Project, Service Learning, Wellness, and my Pitching In. I spend my time more on focusing on my Inquiry Project. Overall, I feel more independent because I do not have a schedule everyone is following. Instead, I had a choice in what I want to do, whenever in that time period.

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I thought it was over. 

But no. 

It's back. 

I thought that I had reached the peak of stress when I did not have a service learning partner, but I was wrong. Today was day 2 of inquiry project final product work and I became super stressed about my work; however, this stress made me really productive and set me on a good path towards having my work done by Sunday at 10 in the morning.

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I do not think I have ever spent this much time typing on a computer. I have spent most of inquiry project time writing and writing endless streams of information on my website for my tour guide, and still have quite a way to go before it becomes finished. The amount of work and thinking I have done makes SAS work seem so easy to finish. I made sure to take some breaks, and when I was out for Wellness, I took great pictures of Xizhou (thinking about adding them to my website).

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My final product is to create a blog/website unveiling or un-ghosting the statement and meaning of the propaganda message ”人民公社万岁“ which in English, translates to "Long Live the People's Communes". My thesis is: In my efforts to decipher the existing wall propaganda messages in Xizhou, I considered the dynamic between contrasting generations time periods, the purpose of the propaganda statements, and the repercussions. I was looking for a blog that would have easy drag and drop methods and nice formatting for my information in order to maintain or prove my thesis.

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You know it is a phenomenal experience when you begin to enjoy extra math work. Last night Clark, Ethan, Sunny, and I spent almost a hour doing Kumon (we may have just done the work for Clark). For once, I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new concept with math. Ethan was an amazing teacher, who managed to teach us the level K Kumon concept within two questions. With just a small notebook, a few small sheets of workbook, we seemed to learn almost the same amount as we would learn in math class! Conspiracy Theory: Microcampus makes us learn faster than we would at school.