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With my final inquiry project now in, the full weight of the fact that we are about leave this village comes full force at me. Perhaps I realized this earlier in the morning when the bacon was served for breakfast. Normally, we only get bacon during the weekends and I realized that today was the last Sunday of Microcampus. Wow, no matter how much I repeat it, it is hard to imagine that we are about to leave this place soon and eventually return to Shanghai... I rather not stay on this topic for too long, rather I am going to spend the rest of my time enjoying this place... Bye!

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Today is Day 24 of the Microcampus trip, meaning we only have four days left in Xizhou. Sarah R. and I have taken many pictures over the last 3 and half weeks and we wanted to give some of them to the many people we met and now love in the village. So, we went to the printer shop printed and laminated some photos.

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It has been 23 days since our arrival in Xizhou. Our arrival day was March 10th and today is now April 1st. Another month closer to the end of school in June, which is when we will be graduating middle school and moving on to high school. Microcampus has just shown how fast time flies by. In a blink of an eye, we turned from SAS 8th graders unfamiliar with one another into more mature and disciplined SAS Microcampus students. 

Today is also April Fools day, so knowing what Mr. T's personality is like, one would expect him to have prepared something. And he indeed did.

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I thought leaving Shanghai and the 8th grade meant leaving Catan. Nope.

Since I am in the evening planning committee, I get to decide some of the evening activities. I decided that one night, board games would be a good choice. I walked around town and eventually went to the Linden Centre. I looked for a bit and the only game I found was Catan. This journal is a bit short since it is very very simple, but I honestly can never escape the curse of Catan.

Settlers ahoy.


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I officially finished my inquiry project with super fast scenes and hyper intense music, with fast picture switches and loud sounds all across the board, which I was super confident in. When the "Pearls of wisdom came in I realized that I needed to stop speeding my video so fast with 0.5-second images and music as loud as my script, so I had to make some changes to accommodate my audience so that they do not get confused. Mr.

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As soon as I got up today, I started writing my reflection for the final product. I was in a rush because I did not start on the reflection portion the previous day. A lot of things were going on at once, for I had to work both on my inquiry project and service learning project. (Click here to view my final product). While I was working on the two, I realized that Microcampus was really coming to an end. This was the last Sunday before we went home.

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The night before our inquiry projects were first due, we were allowed to go out around Xizhou at night and observe the activity difference during the day and night. For some reason, after 7 at night, a hush seemed to fall over the village, the lights became dim and many of the shops had closed down. A stroll around SiFangJie was incredibly peaceful and we walked around for a long time not saying anything. Brandt L. and I spent a bit of time at the man-made pond near the highway. We watched the fishes torpedo through the water and jump above the surface before splashing back in.

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Anders L. and I woke early again today to go for another walk. This time we decided to go East. Our original plan was to sit in a beautiful scenic spot on work on our Inquiry Projects but that did not happen. Just by 7 am, not 6: 59 am this time, we sent the confirmation text and walked over the "line". As we decided to go East from Yangzhouran we had to pass the Ficus Tree and the Linden Centre. We stopped on a gravel road past the Linden Centre and watched the beautiful sunrise and took some amazing photos.

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This morning Taylor S. and I got up early to see the sunrise at lake Er Hai. We got up around 6 am and left Yangzhouran on our bikes by 6:15 am. I took us about 20 minutes to bike down to the lake, and when we got there the sky was still dark. We stood and watched as the sun slowly rose above the mountains. The pinks and oranges reflected perfectly on the lake. We saw ducks flying around, and we also saw fishermen fishing. It was really beautiful to watch the sunrise in complete silence other than birds chirping.

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We only have five days left, so I am making sure I appreciate everything as much as possible. 

The fresh air smells sweeter. 

The sky is looks more blue. 

The trees by Erhai look greener.

Editing my inquiry project feels less tedious and more interesting and satisfying. 

Er si at breakfast tastes better. 

The clouds look fluffier.

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Today during lunch, Mr. T showed us two videos: The 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening and Mr. T's Treat Your Mother Right. I learned today that Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhytmic and vigorious exercises with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscle fitness and cardio-vascular fitness). After witnessing intense aerobic dance moves and the amount of calories burned through aerobics, I want to do aerobics for Wellness Time! 

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This has become a Microcampus tradition now... No, it is not. It is just a quirky idea to Clark came up with and we sort of jumped on the bandwagon.

You see, Clark W. had the insight to bring his Kumon to Microcampus, and Sam B. decided now was high time to start learning some Kumon. So Clark started teaching Sam some Kumon, and soon Sunny and Austin had joined.

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I was thinking about how there is less than a week left on this journey. Then I remembered that Microcampus is not over yet. Over the three weeks, I learned that a day lasts a long time, and is not as short as what I anticipated back in Shanghai. Especially in Microcampus, the many activities we do seem to make the days longer because we achieve so much, and every day is a new experience. I started off this journey excited and positive. I want to finish it like that as well, and the finishing line is still leagues away from me. Still, I cannot avoid the seeping melancholy.

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Yesterday, Nai nai, Jie jie, Sarah R., and I untied the tie-dye that Sarah and I have been working on for the past week and a half. Unwrapping the tiny piece of fabric was super suspenseful and exciting. Both Sarah and I were really worried that our work would not turn out, but the bright blue tie-dye was beautiful and not that different from the much larger pieces that Nai nai and Jie jie work on every day.

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Today was a different day, compared to my other days. I am sick, so I had to go to the treatment room. However, one person already occupied the treatment room, meaning that I had to go to another room, Room 6. When I first came into the room last night, it was very big and beautiful. There were two beds and a wide desk for myself. The bathroom is also big, fitting the shower, the sink, the toilet, and the laundry machine. Room 6 is very big, and I am grateful to stay in here. All of today, I could not come out of the room, because I have to rest. I did a lot of sleeping, which I enjoyed.

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1 o' clock, after arriving from lunch, I begin working on the final product for my inquiry project. I gathered photos and clips, I reviewed my recordings and edited them, and adjusted the duration for each section. I was so deeply engrossed in the work that I didn't realize the dilemma I was stuck in. I had made a video more than 10 minutes when in reality, the expected length was 6 minutes. I was devastated and shocked because I had spent a lot of time working but I had to redo the process by reducing the length, which was definitely a harder process.