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Yesterday Mr. T talked about the return to Shanghai, which reminded me, we only have four days left here, and the last day, Friday, will just mostly be flying back to Shanghai, so really we only have three days left at Yangzhuoran. This is a short amount of time for us Microcampus students but for China alive people, that would be the first day where people would actually start to do activities full time, as the first day would just be traveling and settling in.

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For the past two days, we have been stressing about our service learning project. This project is about connecting with the community and helping the community by adding to the library of Service Learning Videos and documenting the stories of the community during the hard times of the cultural revolution. We went to the community and made connections with the people here. We made some fantastic friends (as you can see from my other journal posts) and after making strong connections with Mr.Li, we asked him to be our service-learning partner.

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Today was a great day. There was one Alumni from the Microcampus Alumni-S that came to visit us. His name is Barton C. and he showed me a weird device. This device is very exotic. It was black, but when you turn it on, it showed different colors. This thing also has a high-quality camera and many high-tech games. You can also call with this thing. He claimed it was a phone, but I did not believe him. Phones are bricks, like my Motorola and other people's Nokia. His "phone" is very flat.

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As my service learning group started to translate our footages, I am having a hard time contributing to the group due to my lack of Chinese skills. I feel like a burden dragging everyone down.

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Now, being Day 23, the workload was really starting to pile up I found that work was takingloneger and longer to finis up work. In order to be able to fix this, I thought that maybe I should wake up at 6 AM. Which I did. I ended up walking in the dark to find my computer which I evetually saw on the dark table of Classroom 1. I brought it back to the TV room and got comfortable to start a work session of around 3 hours. 

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There are three more days left of Microcampus. Three. Equivalent to the sum of one and two; one more than three. With only three more days left of Microcampus, we have to make these concluding days count. We have to disregard the pressure and tension my groupmates and I experienced editing our Service Learning video this morning. We have to ensure the connections we made in Xizhou will not be forgotten -- my Service Learning group and I need to go and hug Mr. Li, a honorable gentleman who have given us unique insight into his memories during our time with him.

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One of my favorites snacks here in Xizhou are the pineberries, or white strawberries if you must. I especially enjoy munching on the larger ones because of their slight crunchiness and the more apparent hint of the taste of pineapple. 

I think I may prefer pineberries more than normal strawberries now; the color, the taste, and the texture is just so much more enjoyable and delicious.

Enough about fruit now.

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As the Microcampus trip is coming to an end, I decided to purchase some souvenirs to remember my stay in Xizhou. To remember the taste of sweet Baba, I decided to visit a shop that sells rose-related products. Once I stepped into the shop with three other peers, there was a large variety of rose based products, such as rose jam, candy, tea, and so on. We all decided to buy a jam among the three different types - honey rose jam, black sugar rose jam, and red sugar rose jam. To imitate the original taste of Baba, the black sugar jam was the ideal choice.

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Today is day 24 of Microcampus, throughout the 24 days, I have met extremely nice and interesting people.

This afternoon Taylor S. and wanted to print some pictures that we took with Jie Jie and Nai Nai who taught us tie-dye. We went to a printing shop in Sifang Jie and got the pictures printed and laminated. We first went to see Jie Jie and Nai Nai and give them each a photo, when we got there we sat down and gave them the photos, and they were really happy and spent a while looking at the photos. 

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Today was the day where we do most of our service learning work, and it was much more intense than I thought, as I was the only person in my group that could translate decently. The translating took forever, with 2 hours on hand, I got only around 4 minutes of translate out of the 5 minutes done, which is good, but apparently I also have to change the type of text box I use because it was different as one of my teammates said, so I left that up to them as I was already getting a headache having not only translating but also changing font and text boxes.

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Brandt was our main source of comedy today during Service Learning. He was the one who was able to calm our nerves during the hard hours of Service Learning work. Perhaps the most interesting time was when he had a mango and was playing around with it (do not play with food kids!). First, he attempted to play catch with it resulting in the mango smashing to the floor, at least it did not burst... When we picked it back up, the mango felt airy (when you pressed down it seemed to shrink by 150%).

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I did my Service Learning work with my partners. They are Sonia Z., Anders L., and Sunny Q. However, Sonia was not feeling good, so she was resting. All of a sudden, I hear a lot of voices behind me, and Sunny suddenly stood up. I was very confused. I did not know what was going on. Everyone went behind me. Because of my curiosity, I turned around. Then, I saw someone that I had seen, a month ago.

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The Microcampus Voyagers pivotal priority today was to finish editing and translating our Service Learning movie. My Service Learning group -- Sunny, Josie, Anders, and I had two hours of film and we had to synopsize or condense the central points of Mr. Li's (our Service Learning partner) life as well as incorporating his values and principles all within a five-minute video.

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Today I was the Daily Meeting Facilitator. Every day we have a daily meeting where we share updates on our committee work, Inquiry work, school work, and also our Microcampus Schedule. For every meeting, there is Facilitator and a Minute Taker. Basically, if I were the Minute Taker for a meeting, at the next meeting I will be the Facilitator. Since my fellow peer was unavailable, I skipped the minute taker job and became the Meeting Facilitator, well I am still being the minute taker next meeting though.

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A group of friends and I started wearing acorns. 

Sounds very random right? Well, it is, all around Xizhou, there are these little shops that might sell earrings or necklace. These shops would almost always have small artificial acorns that can be attached to a string and makes a necklace. It was very surprising how we would always run into them again and again, so I and a group of friends bought a bunch at a discounted price, and now we are wearing them. 

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As most of the Voyagers already know, I like food very much. 

Today for lunch, I went to Old Town Snacks with Sarah R., Aria F., and Alex K. I went there two days ago and got Tafel fried rice while another person in my group got rice with egg and tomato. I love egg and tomato; so, the next day I went back and tried it. 

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Now being Day 22, the work is really starting to pile up, so when given free time, Sonia Z and I went out to Sifangjie to do some shopping. We left the stress and pressure of our computer screens and head out for the bustling area outside the door.

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Having something to remind me of this experience is great. Especially when it is physical. Even better if I spent money on it. Maybe that is because I have a tendency of relieving stress when I become a consumer. Yesterday, I went out with Brandt' L. and Anders L. to Sifangjie. The idea came from a couple of other students who started to buy necklaces to remember Microcampus. We were extremely jealous of those necklaces, especially the ones with a single acorn hanging on a thin black string.