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While I was browsing the Shenzhen library, I happened to come across this book, shown in the picture. So I read it, and found it to be fascinating. The book is a compilation of articles that were set in Dali, and detailed their lives and their interactions with the local culture. For example, the second article was about a special dish that roughly translates to spiced and spicy chicken. If you are proficient in Chinese, you might consider reading it.

Some thoughts

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Ever since my brother left for microcampus, I've thought about the day that I'd leave home to go be on my own, either for microcampus or college, more deeply than I ever had before. You could categorize the thoughts I had into two parts, the worries and the dreams. In the worries, there would be the thoughts that I wouldn't be smart enough, strong enough, or responsible enough to live on my own. These fears were centered around the fact that I was a little kid dreaming of a teen or an adult's life.

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The Logistics of Microcampus

Blog Post IV

I'm going to be completely honest with you. I am actually very wary of everything that might go wrong in Microcampus. I honestly think that maybe these students are not really prepared to go alone to Yunnan.

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I am curious about the things that will happen when tomorrow comes. What decisions, what paths, and what opportunities will I face when I am struggling to steer my life in the "correct" direction? 
How much will I learn and how different will I become? Each day is a tedious repetition, but I seek to find something unique and unprecedented within the ordinary. I have come to a conclusion that the only way I can find meaning in life is to enter the great and mighty world that is a little too overwhelming but still worth experiencing. 

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Microcampus is a journey I've been looking forward to since sixth grade. Previous eighth graders have told me how Microcampus altered their perspectives and modified themselves as active members of the future generation. I looked up to them with admiration -- desperately hoping that when I transition to an eighth grader, I'll be able to undergo the Mircrocampus experience. Now here I am, an SAS Puxi representative of the 2018 Microcampus trip! 

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In the beginning, I was so nervous about not getting into Microcampus. When, I heard there were close to 40 people applying for the trip, I said to myself "I am definitely not making it in." I had a rough start of the year. I was surprised that there was a big difference between the difficulty of 7th and 8th grade and I think I needed some time to adjust to that. Having the Microcampus application process during that time just stressed me out and I just thought I knew that I was not getting in. 

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Ever since last year I always heard my friends talking about Microcampus. At that time, I was still pretty new to SAS compared to them, as most of them had been at SAS for quite a while, so I had no clue of what Microcampus was. When I found out, I immediately thought; this is definitely something I'd like to experience. 

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This is my first journal on the Microcampus site!

So excited.

I am a Microcampus student from the V group called Clark, and I am extremely excited about my Microcampus experience.  After my fellow V group students and I were assembled into a Skype chat, I began feeling like all of us are a community ready for challenges ahead of us.  Apparently, what I am writing now is a part of this challenge, to record my feelings before, during and after the trip.  

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About Me

Blog Post II

A little something about me: I am politically incorrect (Texas and Arizona should be part of Mexico), unorthodox (Kim Jong Un is pretty smart), and fun (I'm a big fan of pranks). I am very outspoken and original, so don't expect these blog posts to be normal or boring. If you're on the lookout for normal and boring blogs, just check out the blogs of just about everyone here. :P So hopefully this blog would be fun, politically incorrect, and unorthodox. Peace out!


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Looking Ahead to Microcampus

Blog Post I

Still getting over the happy surprise of getting into Microcampus, I'm starting to get worried. I haven't packed, I haven't planned, and I haven't even done my homework! As the looming Mr. T approaches me in the hallways, I feel a growing sense of dread well up inside me, like a hideous, sable, tide. As I try to make myself as small as possible, the unthinkable happened. With a baritone voice, he boomed my name: "Ethan Z!"