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My Service Learning Partner is Mr. Du. He is currently 74 years old and is the owner of the hotel next to Yangzhouran which is currently under construction. Mr. Du lives a peaceful life with his large family and loves to play Chinese chess and smoke water pipes.

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Our service learning partner is Yang nai nai. She is 62 years old and lives in Zhoucheng but works in Xizhou selling handmade tie-dye and embroidery with her daughter. From this service learning experience, I have learned a lot about Yang nai nai. She very sweet, kind, funny, and caring. She is determined to care for all the people that she loves in any way possible. She works hard making tie-dye and embroidery even though she says she is losing her eyesight. When she was young, she did not go to school, but instead cared for her siblings while her parents were working on the farm. 

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On April 4th, 2018, all the Microcampus students got the chance to share our service learning video with our service learning partner and other guests. We had time to go get our service learning partner and bring them back to Yangzhouran to watch the videos. Mrs. Li was not able to attend the showing of the videos because she had to attend a Buddhist festival with her family and she could not miss that.

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Today, day 26, we presented our Service Learning project to our classmates and other members of the community. Our Service Learning partner was Mrs. Li, but sadly, she was not able to come today because her family had a celebration today. Even though she was not able to come, it was still a very good experience being able to share our video with the community. 

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During the presentation, I was very excited. My group invited Mr. Li, our Service Learning partner. We also planned to invite our old potential service-learning partner at that time, Mr. Yang. We started by walking to Mr. Li's house, holding a basket of fruits. He was very pleased and told us not to spend money on these fruits. Anyway, later on, Mr. Li gave us a basket of his chicken eggs. He told us to boil them with hot water first and then eat them when we are hungry at the airport when we are about to leave Xizhou. Mr. Li was very nice. We then went to Mr.

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Life in Microcampus is like this. We can crash down into the ground in the mornings and recover again with light and hope in the afternoon. My mood fluctuated severely today. Due to some conflicts and hardships, while finishing our service learning project, I faced some instability in terms of my emotional wellness. 

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Today is the last day of official work, the last day of Service Learning, the last day of labor before tomorrow, where we will have finally finished everything we need to do. This also means however that we are nearing our departure of Xizhou to a place called Shanghai, a place where the skies are not blue, a place where there are no such things as a small village or a community, but instead one big mashup of buildings and communities.

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Today Sarah R. and I were invited to eat dinner with Zhang Ayi, Shi fu, Ye ye, Nai nai, Zhang Ayi's son and his friend at their BaBa shop. Everyone was squished around a tiny table full of a different variety of dishes. Zhang Ayi and Nai nai kept giving Sarah and I different meats and veggies even though we were full. One time they handed us this meat that looked like pork fat and they insisted we tried it with a little bit of chili sauce.

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Today the entire Voyager crew went to Old Town Snacks for dinner and ate the amazing 过桥米线.

At first, I thought we were eating Hotpot, but it ended up being something completely different!

The meat, noodle, vegetables were able to cook on their own without any fire boiling it. The soup was so hot it was able to cook the food inside itself, it was very amazing to see the process happening.

过桥米线 was very overall very delicious and if I had the time I will definitely want to eat it again.

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The experience of sharing my group and I's final video with our Service Learning partner was relieving and remarkable. It made all of our diligence and hard work worthwhile. It made our connection to Mr. Li increase even higher. It made me recall the first moment I met Mr. Li. It made me remember how intent he was on carrying back his own drinking water even after my Service Learning group and I insisted to help him. It made me recollect all the memories and wise words Mr. Li had told me. 

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There was a ghost.

I was playing cards with Lily H. and Aria F. in the dark, undisturbed. Only light source was Lily's computer.

We did this in order to not get noticed by others, so then we can have some quiet time and space.

Before this happened, we opened the lights to check the room. The side door in Classroom 2 was closed. Windows all closed.

Yet when we were about to leave the room at 8:24 and opened up the lights to clean up, we found the side door open. One of the windows slid open as well.

The wind was never strong tonight.

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This week is about gratitude, thanking the community. One big part of this is to create a Service Learning project, where we preserve the history and the interesting stories of the elders in the village of Xizhou. As we slowly approach the ending of the Microcampus experience, everyone is more likely to become emotional and collapse. We know that most of us just want all of us to be successful, but most often we take different approaches, and that creates a lot of argument. 

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Today for dinner, everyone got the opportunity to go to Old Town Snacks and eat guo qiao mi xian. Guo qiao mi xian is a noodle hot pot where bowls of boiling soup are brought to the table and each person gets to put whatever meat and vegetables that they want in the soup. It was really good and after eating Taylor S.

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It was a nice, peaceful day to complete my Service Learning video with my group. 

Though my groupmates often think that they have served no use to the group, I believe otherwise.