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Today was the 449th annual Jammie awards! They are basically Grammies but better.

They were very fun despite my sadness that night. I did win an award for the best puns but I felt bad since I knew they were the worst ones. In addition to this we also won the stinky sock award which is the most prestigious award for the dirtiest room ever. I am truly proud of this. Thank you all for nominating me, it has been an honor.

Thank you

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A few days ago we had the choice to go to the mosque after we ate. For Evening activities we ate out at old town snakes. It was a excellent restaurant that served this special type of hot pot that was very good.

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Today was again, an amazing day. I had to say goodbye to a lot of the people I had met. This includes Ms. He, the tea brewer, Ms. Wang, the basket weaver, and Mr. Li, our Service Learning partner. There are a lot more people that I had met for sure, and I said goodbye to all of them. I said goodbye to the lady who sells me boba milk tea and the woman who sells baskets and other souvenirs. Saying goodbye is very hard, and I truly will miss them. I promised each and every one of them that when I come back to Xizhou, I will visit them.

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I came to Microcampus to experience a different way of living rather than the simple bubble of my Shanghai life. I wanted to do something other than waking up, going to school, homework, dinner, and then going to bed. I wanted to understand another culture and the people from a different area and their lives. I signed up for this trip to make new friends and learn more about myself through a new experience. 

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Today is April 5th and it is Sarah R.'s birthday!!! Whohoo! But it also means that we will be leaving tomorrow. I have had many great experiences over the course of this trip and I am very grateful for those who have helped me along the way. 

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On the day of the Service Learning, it felt like the intensity had been cranked up a few notches. For once, it wasn't just some sort of random celebration where everyone is there for fun, instead it was more about having gratitude for the history of Xizhou. Of course, in during the production process, many of us came down with bad cases of temper, but in the end, when we reached our goal, the tension would dissipate. 

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To ensure that we did not accidentally miss out on any experiences, we decided to do some last minute exploration and go down through the twisting alleys on random. We continued to try out the different things that could be found around the village. From the sticky rice popsicles to the Oreo milk tea, we found many different peculiar food items. We also visited places tucked away in secluded corners of the village. Perhaps, the most interesting place was a small "chicken" temple near the man made pond.

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Sharing the video with Grandma Yang was definitely quite nerve-wracking. I did not know how she would react to the project, if she would regret her choice, or be pleased with the end result. We led Grandma Yang into Classroom 1 and prepared for our video to be shared. She seemed to have friends that she knew and felt fairly comfortable in Yangzhuoran. Later on, while we were sharing the final video, I was intently watching and observing for her expression. She seemed to be quite pleased and was smiling throughout the video.

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Early in the morning, we were re-introduced to a Microcampus Alumni, Barton C, from the Superior group. We eventually started talking to him, and at one point, he even pulled out his iPhone, something we had not seen in at least 20 days. That does not seem like a very long time, but it felt like a long time. We saw the glossy clean screen of the iPhone and were all in awe when he transitioned his screen to WeChat. A few of my peers were even allowed to touch and feel the smooth screen.

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Microcampus begins and ends today. This is the end of our journey together as 16 students for 28 days, but also the beginning of our own individual adventures. I look to this as a memory of the past, as the present, and as my distant future.
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On the star terrace, we stared at the sky.

The night sky, so distant, so beautiful, so clear, so bright.

Tomorrow we leave, to go on our new adventures. I still remember our second day, when we finished our tour around Xizhou and all sat on the terrace. Leaving Xizhou is hard, but I will not miss Xizhou. I know that I will come back, after saying goodbye to all who supported me and helped me along the way. They are all so welcoming and hospitable, the best host one could ever have for Microcampus.

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If this Microcampus journey was written as a book, this would be the very ending.

I can imagine the beginning of the story as an introduction to all 16 of us; all unsure and unfamiliar with our surroundings, missing home and our family and friends. Chapter after chapter, after all the wisdom Mr. T and Ms. Mai have shared, we all learn more about ourselves and about our community. 

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Mrs. Li, unfortunately, could not attend the video showcase, so I am planning to show her the video before our departure. However, during the showcase, I noticed that people were quite heartfelt hearing her cheerful laugh and watching her smiles throughout the video. They especially enjoyed the part where she was describing Chairman Mao and gave out laughs when she was talking about his height and the mole on his chin. I am yet to find out how Mrs. Li will react to our Service Learning video. 

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Last night, sitting on the star terrace looking at the sky, Aria F.Clark W.Austin Z. and I made a promise. At first it was sort of a joke when I held out my pinky finger to them, but now I take it very seriously. The promise was that the family that we all built here in Xizhou will last us.

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I know I already wrote a journal about Xizhou being like a home, but a few more days got me more attached to the place. And I am leaving tomorrow. Fun. 

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When I first got the email saying that I had gotten into Microcampus, I was very very happy. This is because not a lot of people got into Microcampus. I was very excited to live in Xizhou for a month studying the culture. I had imagined myself on a hill studying. However, when I came to Xizhou, there was actually no hills in where we live. Although we are up in the mountains, it is very hard to tell because, in the neighborhood that we lived in, the ground was flat. You can also see an amazing view of the mountains, anywhere you go (as long as you are in Xizhou, of course.)

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Today's a day of celebrating the successful completion of our service learning as well as the past days of staying in Xizhou. It is showing gratitude and appreciating the Xizhou community for supporting our stay. There will be a number of guests from a variety of connections our group has made as a whole. I am both excited and nervous to share our video because we have put in a significant amount of effort for the past few days and playing the video in front of Mr. Du, our service-learning partner.