V Group Puxi 2018 - Inquiry Project

What is an Inquiry Project?

All Microcampus students spend a significant amount of time each week devoted to investigating a topic of high personal interest that relates to the Xizhou area. Students actively seek and depend upon the wisdom of the people living in and around Xizhou to support their active investigation into their chosen area of interest.

During their exploration of one of the wide range of possible topics, students will be supported by a framework for inquiry that features the following four main phases:
    1) Posing Real Questions
    2) Finding Resources
    3) Interpreting Information
    4) Reporting Findings
The process is designed to be cyclical in nature, however, and will involve plenty of reflection, questioning, and reframing their research as new information is found. All student work will be made public during the research process online; it is hoped that readers will provide feedback to students during the research process and follow along as the students report their learning.

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Updated 16 hours 29 min ago
brandt01px2022's picture
Hello there! What I have written done below is the very start of a 28-day fun journey to Xi Zhou. This is the progress of me eliminating the many choices we were able to research into one specific topic to study. At first, while reading the possible topics, there were many interesting ideas that I was interested in, but because we could of only choose one topic, I had to slowly narrow my choices down.
Updated 18 hours 30 min ago
sunny02px2022's picture

First of all, I would like to say how I understand that this trip will involve me researching a topic of high interest about Xizhou's culture and/or people for an extended period of time. This meant that I could not just pick any topic for the inquiry project, but a topic that I will be interested in for a long time, as I will be staying in Xizhou for 28 days.

Updated 1 day 3 hours ago
sonia01px2022's picture

Microcampus is a journey that will take me outside the minuscule bubble of Shanghai -- our expedition is to travel to a rural village and create amazing connections and experiences with the locals and Xizhou's culture. Each student is required to pursue a topic of personal interest from the Inquiry Project list -- to enhance our knowledge by producing real-world connections; to construct new ideas and perspectives.

Updated 1 day 4 hours ago
lily02px2022's picture

This is the beginning of a project, which I will grow and learn over the course of. I will be going to Xizhou for 28 days with fellow peers who are interested in learning about other cultures and ways of life. In the village, I will be investigating love and marriage in the village. This topic emerged from a large list of topic choices based on the feedback that was given to me from Mr. Tafel.

Updated 1 day 5 hours ago
shirley01px2022's picture


As for the Management Project topic, I was wondering if there would be any sort of hands on type or working along side someone type of work, or is it just shadowing a worker?

In the Body Language and People Watching topic, would this only involve body specific types of research or would it also include facial expressions and the way they act in general?

Updated 2 days 4 hours ago
austin02px2022's picture

When I was told I was about to spend 28 days in a village within Xizhou to research a topic we were highly interested in, I was speechless. I never really had a strong interest in one particular topic therefore the list of topics I could research was huge. I went to my brother (Jeffrey) who had gone on the Microcampus trip before and received some advice on choosing my topic. His suggestions were to find a topic that I was not acquainted. 

Updated 4 days 3 hours ago
josephine01px2022's picture

This is only the beginning of my learning journey with the topic I am most fond of. This will also be the most exciting journey yet from learning new information from a completely new environment, and not just the typical 'memorize words from a textbook' style. When looking through all the topics we get to focus on, there were so many fascinating options. However, I was able to narrow it down to my top three favorites.

Updated 1 week 6 hours ago
sam01px2022's picture

What is written here is only the first step in a very long and fun journey. As of now, what we have done is choose one specific topic from a list of many that we were provided with. At first, while reading through these topics there were many interesting things but over time I had to choose which three I specifically wanted to do, and then finally in the end out of those three I picked one.

Updated 1 week 6 hours ago
clark01px2022's picture

Hi! This is the first phase of my inquiry project, which is an opportunity for all Microcampus students to discover more about XiZhou from different aspects within the 28 days of our travel. We had a wide variety of topic choices to choose from: from business case studies to silversmithing, and even designing our own tourist guide. I eventually focused on some specific topics using the method mentioned below:

Updated 1 week 1 day ago
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In March 2018, a group of 16 SAS puxi 8th grade students will go to Xizhou for 28 days to learn and grow as a person. In Xizhou we will each investigate a topic of might interest to us. To prepare for Phase 0 of Microcampus, Mr. T gave us a list of about 40 possible inquiry project topics. Our job was to narrow down the list and pick our top three topics. With lots of help from Mr. T we each had to choose one inquiry topic. The final topic that I chose was textile production.