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On day 2 of Microcampus, we took a longer route around the village for a deeper comprehension about the directions, roads, meeting places, et cetera. During this time, we went to the bank and collected change, visited and overseen some stores and factories, tasted the food of the locals, and made conversation with various shop owners.

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Today was our 2nd day on our twenty day trip. Today we were really able to step out of comfort zone and explore the market place. Along the way we had the signature XiZhou BaBa and Tai Fei Fried Rice.  In the morning we were able to get a tour of Bao Cheng Fu. We were told some very intresting background knwoledge and insight of why it was created. After out tour around Bao Cheng Fu we got ready for our 2 hour journey to the village. We started our journey at the bank where we learned how to exchange our money.

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Today, we got a chance to better understand BaoCheng Fu and the village. The Er Si at breakfast was so food. We learned a bit about the history of BaoChang Fu. We learned that it was built in 1928 before YangZhou Ran. It was also occupied by the military at a point in history. There is also a mix of modern and olden style of architecture here in BaoCheng Fu. Later on today, we got to take a tour around the village to better understand the village and learn how to get back to BaoCheng Fu.

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Today we arrived in XiZhou at around mid-day. We took had an amazing first meal at the airport and proceeded to take a bus to BaoChengFu. My favorite part of the day was when we visited the antique collector Mr. Du. I realized that these everyday people actually know a lot about things they specialize on. I learned a lot about the history of certain pieces, a lot of the antiques were broken and damaged but still had a lot of beauty. Part of the reason why the I found the antiques interesting even though they were old and broken was because they held a lot of history and meaning.

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My first impression of Xizhou was much more different than what I expected. I expected a village with lots of farm places but when I visited the village, I saw lots of restructured ancient bai houses. Also, I was really surprised with the blue sky and the rich red soil.  When we walked around the village to meet Mr.D, at first we saw a normal house with lots of bricks. But truly inside his house had artifacts that were more than hundreds of years. Mr.D was an artifact collector and those bricks had Buddhism carving that was pieces of a door.

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On the first day of Microcampus, we had a hectic schedule; after gathering at 5:45 in the morning and embarking on a four-hour plane ride to Xizhou, we arrived at our home in Baochengfu. We spent most of our day unpacking and resting, but we did go on a walk down the village to briefly familiarize ourselves with the vague layout of the place.

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We left at 5:45 am to catch a flight to XiZhou. It was a long journey here. We arrived in the afternoon. The sun was bright and sunny even though they say it is only a moderate day. It feels like a dream right now to be here.

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I am honored to be choosen to go on this one month trip to XiZhou with my classmates. I look forward to learning more about XiZhou and the topics I'm interested in. I hope I will experience the XiZhou culture along with the connection I will have with the people there. I will be challenged but that means I will be able to learn more. I look forward to getting out of the bubble. City life is great but sometimes you just need a bit of peace and calm. I look forward to this trip full of adventure, learning and passion.

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It's definitely a great honor to be chosen for Group S. Microcampus is a place in which I desire to learn more about the topics I am passionate about. I will use this time effectively to connect with the Xizhou culture. All projects are challenging and the only way to succeed is to move forward. My goal of this Microcampus trip is to learn more about the impact of the Flying Tigers in Xizhou and create something worthy of the Microcampus Hall of Fame. As I stated in my About Me, everything is an adventure and a goal and it is our job to fulfill it.