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The big day is approaching!  Our beloved kids are going on their first month long trip away from us! We had a thorough meeting where we got a pretty good idea what our kids' days will be like in Xizhou.

Really wished we could be tagging along on this exciting trip with our daughter.  I am going to miss her tremendously, but I can also imagine her coming back more independant, confident and happy!

Good luck Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai, you're so lucky, you will have them to yourselves for a month!! Can't wait to see photos of all the activities!!

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After the lock-in last Friday, my son is even more excited to go microcampus. I mean the lock-in is not about fun, more like briefing the kids about expectations, rules and such, and yet he is looking forward to the real thing. I am a bit surprised, pretty glad and very happy about it. Way to go, Wayne!  Just keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Then u will surely enjoy it.

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Getting Harry ready for Microcampus means pulling out all the old dusty camping gear, picking through what is useful and what's not. When did this jacket get so small? How does a backpack get so stinky? Good luck rolling up this inflatable sleeping pad. Nowhere near as interesting as Harry's own prep work. He's not just readying stuff, he's readying his mind, diving into the research experience and learning to plumb new depths. Mom is standing over his shoulder, peering at the screen hoping to glean a little knowledge herself.

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Hi Ben,
As all the Chinese New Year eves, last night was full of firecracker sounds that I can actually still hear them this morning.
Grandma sends hugs, she's happy you are having this wonderful experience.
We would be like to hear and see what kind of Chinese New Year celebration tradition events exist in the village
Your 세뱃돈 will be awaiting you when you come back.
Do you like the Star Wars hongbao, actually jinbao?

Love, dad, mom and Yena

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Apoorva, We are very happy to know that you have settled in and having a wonderful time. Good luck with everything that's in store for you this month ahead and we're looking forward to seeing you come back enriched and learning a lot from you. Take care sweetie, Mom

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Dear Jing Rong,

Today is your 4th day in Xizhou. I am glad that you not only settled down quite nicely but you are also taking all the new experiences in stride. Knowing how you truly love nature and people have certainly taken this experience to a higher level. You have embraced all these whole-heartedly and I sincerely hope you continue to do so, with increasing focus and passion.

Seize the day...everyday...

Stay healthy and happy :-)

Lots of hugs and love, from those who love you at home.


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Our two sons, James, 7, and Joseph, 5, started with their questioning today and that same question will be asked everyday until their 14 year old mom comes home.  We all miss her dearly but love that she has this opportunity to see China outside of our life in Shanghai.   You know how we talk about being in the moment and enjoying life, instead of rushing and worrying through it?  Focus on that this trip, have fantastic learning and life experiences and make great memories!

We love you, Mom  

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Hi Ben,

It was great to hear from you yesterday that you arrived well to Xizhou.

I was a little worried you might have motion sickness, but glad to hear you just had minor uncomfortableness.

So jealous that you were able to clearly see stars that you wouldn't have here in Shanghai.

Enjoy every moment of Xizhou

Love you and missing you,

mom, dad & Yena

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We are so excited as you, with this wonderful opportunity in your have to learn, enjoy, play, live and love this experience!
We are so proud of you!
Que Dios te bengida, guie y cuide tus pasos!
Te amo 
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Hi, Thomas!

We spent a day with out you....feel really empty.^^

I hope you grow alot through Microcampus.

Today is daddy's birthday, so I cooked korean birthday foods for daddy.

It's raining outside.... a little bit cold.

Take care! I love you!

From Mom


To My Brother,

I hope the days juset fly by, and I am trying to do what you want me to do

From Jae Bin

P.S Have Fun!!!




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Enjoy your time at Microcampus.

It sounds like Mr. Tafel and Sam Mai have a great plan for you.


"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."         Albert Einstein 1930



Keep moving,


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Hi Microcampus Families.  I just signed in for the first time.  We are very excited for the upcoming adventure.  We are going to pack up all the stuff this weekend and make some wicked GORP for the road. Laura Earley

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Hello fellow microcampus parents.  What an interesting and exciting journey it has been for our children!  I enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the video shout-outs of so many different students as each brought their own "flavor" to what was going on.  I know we'll see one another when meeting our kids, but it would be fun to have a get together later on, too.  Some of us were chatting about timing when we dropped the kids off at the Hong Qiao airport a few weeks ago.  The first weekend they are back is the Puxi International Fair.  That could perhaps work, but is a busy time.

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Well it is hard to believe Grace has been gone for a week now. Joe and I have been keeping busy, but the favorite part of our day is the few minutes each evening we have Skyped with our daughter. I love reading her journal. I am inspired when I read about her inquiry project. She and all the kids should be so proud. The work they are doing is amazing. But it is in those few minutes each night when I can see and hear the joy and wonder in her voice that I know she is having the experience of a lifetime.

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I love hearing about all of the adventures!   With all of the talk about the beautiful sky there, I am afraid no one will want to come home. 

I am glad to hear that you have all been able to run and keep up with your zone time.


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It sound's as though everything is smooth sailing in Xizhou.  I've heard no complaints only tales of adventures.  How thrilled Rory must feel to be a part of this.  Enjoy...