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We waited for 8:30pm every night, because that is the time we could contact you and know the news of your day, finally, we reached you last night, we were so curious about your new day, we knew you were busy with you journal and you told us that you would contact us instead of we call you, aha...seemed we have been disturbed our big boy! We felt a little bit lost but in one way, we are so proud of you that you are more independent mentally! Enjoy the life there! Love you! William Xu's parents

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No rain, but no clear blue sky here in Shanghai. How about Xizhou? Have wanted to sleepin, but the body alarm woke me up at 6am. Setting up the breakfast table, I wondered, what do you have for breakfest in the past few days. Is it you usual piece of plain toast with spread and a glass of honey drink, OR, are you trying new stuffs? What do people eat for breakfast there? Is it also spicy? Hmmm........I wonder. What time do people eat? When is breakfast. lunch and dinner? Do they have meals in-between like brunch, tea-time and supper?

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Nina and her friends,
We read your journal entries every night - thank you all for writing. Your words and photos make us feel we are there with you seeing the same beautiful views and hearing the same beautiful sounds. Look forward to more stories:-)

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Today in Shanghai it has been raining all day. It's cold~~ it seems like winter is coming back. But the picture of Erhai lake that you posted and your journal entry make me feel warm. It has been 3 days, and we already miss you a lot. Love you so much!


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   Hi John,

   I was very happy to hear your voice last night.

I was worried if you would be tired since you joined in Wizard of Oz until last day before you left.

  Xizhou is very beautiful,right?  I hope you will be a Green Energy expert when you come back.

Also enjoy the amazing stars in the night which you don't see a lot in Shanghai.

Troy is jealous he can't go to Xizhou


   Love you and miss you so much~~



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I am so happy to hear you have all arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the beauty of the mountains- and all the wonderful sunshine! I can't wait to hear more.

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Glad to hear just now that the group had a safe and fun long journey to Xizhou. Just had a call with Niko and he sounds like him and his room mates are having a blast! In his own words he described the sights on the way to Xizhou as "breath taking". It is our son's first time to be away from home this long so I know he will remember this adventure all his life. I told him to make the most out of it and more importantly, to enjoy every minute of this unique experience.

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April 19 2014 - we will all remember this day as the start of something great. It started with your big, big smile which gave us comfort not to worry. It also reminded us of our other big dates - when daddy left China and when mommy left Serbia to study in the US and when we all as a family left Allentown, PA to live and work in Shanghai. And every time, it was a life-changing experience we truly enjoyed. We know this will be another one of life changing events for Nina and every one of the Hailstorm kids. Please enjoy every moment of it fully. And, many, many thanks to Mr. And Mrs.

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What a wonderful way to ponder where you are! I enjoy reading the blogs and the exercise using sense of smell really transported me to where you are. It may have seemed like you couldn't dive more deeply into your experience, but you have shown there is even more territory to mine.  You will carry back home your mental storehouse of sights and sounds and smells of Xizhou.  You will also carry with you the tools to unearth rich experiences wherever you go in life. 


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based on a quick read of the most recent journal entries, i would say the group enjoyed sleeping late,  returning to their Linden Center beds and eating something other than yak meat.   A very natural response to roughing it for a few days i suppose.  of course, it puts the challenges of folks who live close to the elements all the time in perspective.  While there are many positives, one cannot deny that life close to nature is not always as idyllic as one might imagine.

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Minutely hand stitched emroidery, the scent from garlic fields wafting through the air, traveling so many miles to an unfamiliar place and hearing an accent like your grandpa.  So many wonderful moments and such rich detail as you dive deeply into your new world.  And then there's laundry and proper hangar spacing in your closets!   I am pondering whether we can pull off hangar spacing in our home...

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I've been closely following all of your jounals everyday and most of you had put 'normal' for D4.  I have to disagree with you :).  It's not normal at all.  You guys are great team and you've achieved quite a lot!  WIPPIT or WPIIPT makes work sound much better.  Anyway, I'm so glad you have so much fun and also have been able to work on some SAS essential.  Way to go, Groundbreakers!!   Look forward to reading more of your stories!!  Great day!

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What wonderful journals from all of you already: waking up to enjoy the sunrise.  staying up to see the stars.  From Shanghai, where yesterday the air was milky grey with smog, it sounds so lovely.    I'm lapping up the details and am greedy for more!  Harry, I will be curious to know your food survey results.  What makes that particular intersection "the most dangerous" and what other vehicles join the green Giants on the road?  

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Harry-Saturday, after you and your classmates left for microcampus, Mom and i went to the Shanghai Literary Festival.  A number of authors there  talked about writing books based on interesting experiences they or their family had had.   Several authors talked about using letters, journals, notes and photos along with their imagination to create their stories.  You and your friends should keep the photos and journal entries never know when you might want to write a book based on this trip!

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After months of preparation and pondering, your Microcampus adventure is officially underway!  It sounded like a long, rough journey, turbulence and all, but I'm happy to hear in your voice and see in your writing that it hasn't dented the enthusiasm.  After all, the journey is part of the adventure.  On this side of China, we feel your absence already. Your brother remarked on it at dinner.  For now others will get joy from your great smile, and helpful nature, and maybe even your singing in the shower.

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Hi to ALL members of the Groundbreakers.

We just talked to Travis and it seems as if all of you are settling into the village of Xizhou nicely.

We had a quiet day here at home in Minhang and do miss Travis.

Good Luck to ALL of you for tomorrow starting a normal week after the exciting start to your learning journey with the Microcampus.

All the best from Dylan + Mom + Dad Owens

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Feel a bit wierd that Jamie's not around.  The house is kind of quiet without her fighting with Denis.  Hopefully Jamie enjoys all that Xizhou is offering!

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5:30 was definitely early for me but I did not feel sleepy at all.  I knew right away that I should stop worrying when I saw them lining up those suitcases so neatly just in a second.  I'm impressed.   After a farewell with kiss and hug, I felt the day would be a long day to me.  With MH news, it's pretty disturbing.  Not until I received a text message from Jamie saying that she arrived in Kunming airport safe and sound.  I started feeling released and enjoying the rest of my day.

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Saturday,March 8.  This has been such a long day for me.  I don't mean the waking up at 4am and unable to go to bed until who knows when...

I am referring to the phychological anxiety, the constant checking messages, looking over the clock every 5 minutes, watching the news.

The fact that there has been a reported missing Malaysia Airline flight really didn't help...

Finally, the call came in at 8:43pm. My heart is now able to beat regularly. What a day!