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"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."  ~ Miriam Beard


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Dylan called home from Xizhou, Yunnan, last night after a full day of flight and bus ride.  His first words were: it is so beautiful here!  We could sense the excitement in his voice.  I could only imagine how the glorious sunset with colorful clouds behind the garlic field would look like.  Hopefully, Dylan will send pictures later.  It is a great start of the program.  Best of luck and please call/write more often.  Dad

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We are so excited to have Anna participate in the microcampus program.  If not a life changing experience, it will definitely be a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Ive been pleased to see how dedicated Anna is to her project.  We discussed it at length in the beginning and she's kept me posted as she fine tunes it. Im also excited that she can incorporate her love of photography. 

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I think it's very sweet of Annika to send us this thoughful Wechat during lock-in last Saturday. GO KRYPTONITE!!! Have fun, soar high and make us proud!!

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I'm feeling excited and a bit nervous to send my son to the Mircrocampus in 10 days time. Yes, that's exactly what a mom feels about her child's absence within her sight for nearly one month. But anyway, go and explore the world independently, and have fun! 

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One week just passed by... the best moment is to read the journals from the students. Glad that everything is going well and there have been obviously a lot of learnings by them. Pray that the next three weeks will be even better. 

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After a long busy but yet anxious weekend, we were so happy to read Isaac's blog (first one sent from Xizhou?) on his project in Phase. Nice summary on the progress and research approach being taken. Also the letter to the experts was very clear and polite. I think the ten questions were very helpful in getting the experts to provide insights about. Wish you the best luck in getting a response... hopefully the experts are good in English!

Will the students blog share some pictures too? Anxious to see how the life is in Xizhou besides the good progress in academic life...

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Attended the parent meeting and met some of the other parents. It'll be a great experience for the kids, and I can't wait for Kristen to start her adventure!

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I'm Kimbra, Hannah Power's Mum, and in 108 hours... there'll be a little part of me missing... wandering around Xizhou.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time, Hannah is our oldest daughter, and I know life won't be the same without her here.

How are all you other parents feeling?




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Let the adventure begin!!! So excited for our intrepid travelers! Can't wait to live vicariously through you!




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I really love the picture you posted.I think you were mesmerized by it's nature beauty.Just by looking at it,I can tell the trip is going really well,and it has been an eye-opening experience for you.Have fun and stay safe.Love you~~

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My colleague and I had a business meeting in my office today and we worked on a challenging project together for a few hours. At one point we got stuck and she looked at my board and said - let's use saying #6 today -'the mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it is not open'.

I smiled as these are all the sayings you wrote on my board as your advice to me so I can have success at work :-)

Here they are for you in case you and your friends need energy for the projects you are working on these days.
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I am currently traveling in Israel and Europe and have told many people about the Microcampus, concept and month away from home. Responses have been unanimous in what an amazing opportunity this represents, from immersing yourself in a new environment, not seen by many as part of your studies.

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Well, it's hard to believe that you are already into day 5! We are all missing you terribly, and the house is somewhat quieter without you. I look forward to your calls each night at 8:30 and hearing about all that you have been up to. Each day must be such an adventure for all of you. Make sure you don't miss a single opportunity to learn something new or to try something different. Be brave! Take in as much as you can and enjoy this wonderful opportunity you have been given. The scenery looks beautiful and it seems your weather has been so much nicer than here in Shanghai.

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In case you miss our sofa and the view - but, not much to miss as you can see...
We would all rather be in Xizhuo with you to enjoy sun, clear air, fun company, beautiful green fields and blue lake!
Have a great day - IFG, IFG