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Excited, Alba is getting ready to dive into her rural experience in Southern China. I am as excited as I feel the opportunity very unique. We tend to travel a lot so getting out of Shanghai‘s bubble is something we do rather often but being immersed for a month within a local Chinese community is rather different. I am going to look forward to hearing her comments on the way. Have a wonderful journey, the one of sharing, enquiring, organizing and expanding your compassionate self.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all at Xizhou !  Thank you Mr T and Ms Mai for taking such good care of the kids !  So glad that you guys will be getting Thanksgiving dinner provided by the Linden Centre.  Enjoy.


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Happy Thanksgiving to the Nutty Narwhals! This year I am thankful to Mr. T and Ms. Mai and all the support staff at the Linden Center for giving you all the opportunity of this experience. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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The Nutty Narwhals have only been in Xizhou for 3 days and have already experienced so many different things. I read everyone's Journal Posts this afternoon and enjoyed them all - they gave me a real picture of what is going on - from blocked toilets, new foods, biking mishaps, blue skies and the night sky. I am intrigued to find out exactly what "Tafel Fried Rice" is! Keep the posts and photos coming...

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Going through the packing list and slowly checking items off - that's the easy part.  Going through my emotional checklist has not been as easy.  While we have discussed pros and cons during the application process, felt extremely excited when we saw her name on the list, the idea that Melanie will be away from home for 4 weeks has been emotionally a mixed bag.

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Margaret is pretty much ready to go! Items are just about all checked off the list. Her older sister Christina took part in Microcampus two years ago so this feels a bit like a rite of passage. :)

We are looking forward to hearing about her adventures!

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I am so excited about Cole going to Microcampus.  After Peyton experiencing it a little under 2 years ago, I know what lies ahead for Cole.  There will be all kinds of new sights, sounds and tastes, let alone being responsible to do laundry, get his own meal and actually be still during Quiet Time.  I have to see that to believe it.   What a wonderful adventure!  I wish I could go.

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I wish I had the opportunity to attend a program like SAS Microcampus when I was at school. One month out of a formal classroom would have suited me to a T! Have fun on your trip, learn lots and be confident in your own abilities. You can do it!

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Not long now until you leave on your adventure to Xizhou. I am very proud of the effort you have been putting into your preparation over the past 2 weeks despite having a very full schedule of Band Rehearsal, Concerts and Swim Meets. It is going to be very strange not having you around the house for a month so make sure you ring home for my sake!

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I wish I could join the upcoming Microcampus trip! I have looked XiZhou up on the Internet and it looks beautiful. Besides beautiful, I am confident that you will all have an incredibly interesting month that you will remember for the rest of your life. The image that I have uploaded on the top of my blog entry shows the island "Xiao Putuo Dao" that is located in lake Erhai. Doesn't it look stunning? If anyone goes visit that island, I would love to hear about it. (I'll pay some of my already earned Microcampus Bonus Points for feedback or pictures.) :-)


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Looks like I am more excited than Jie Ling about her upcoming trip.  While I am sure everyone in our family (especially her little brother, Frank) will miss Jie Ling badly and her grandparents will be very worried about her being away for 1 month, we are confident that Jie Ling will make the most of the 1 month and return safely and bringing with her an enriching life experience in Xizhou ! Looking forward to reading the daily journal entries by the chidlren!

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I just read some journals and inquiry project entries by the kids, and I am really impressed by their rich thoughts and strong research ability. I always thought my daughter is still a little girl and actually I was a little worried about her life there. On the first day Jamie called me and told me she loved the food there, it was quite surprise to me since she always like western food more than Chinese food! then I read more and more journals from the kids, I feel they are much more stronger than I thought.

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Cannot believe Shanan is leaving for the Microcampus in a week, excited for her yet quite nervous. It will not be the same without her at home, we all will miss her! Pray for a safe, fun, and memorable journey!