Superior - Inquiry Project

What is an Inquiry Project?

All Microcampus students spend a significant amount of time each week devoted to investigating a topic of high personal interest that relates to the Xizhou area. Students actively seek and depend upon the wisdom of the people living in and around Xizhou to support their active investigation into their chosen area of interest.

During their exploration of one of the wide range of possible topics, students will be supported by a framework for inquiry that features the following four main phases:
    1) Posing Real Questions
    2) Finding Resources
    3) Interpreting Information
    4) Reporting Findings
The process is designed to be cyclical in nature, however, and will involve plenty of reflection, questioning, and reframing their research as new information is found. All student work will be made public during the research process online; it is hoped that readers will provide feedback to students during the research process and follow along as the students report their learning.

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Updated 7 months 5 hours ago
barton01px2021's picture

In this Phase, I will be building my knowledge on the Flying Tigers in order to aid my research in Xizhou. This will be working document with information being added until my inquiry project is 100% complete. I will be gathering information through, interviews, books, and online sources. I have made the decision to research the Flying Tigers during my time in Xizhou in Phase 1 and laid out the big questions that will guide my investigation for my inquiry project. 

Updated 7 months 20 hours ago
nolan01px2021's picture

I searched for different inquiry project ideas and finally made a decision to do it on Aspirations and Dreams. I plan to talk with children of business owners and ask them what their dreams are. I really wanted to see if they have different dreams from what their parents want for them, My goal is to have a conversation with  10-15 families that have either 1-2 children. With this I can get a sufficient sample size to draw some conclusions. 

Updated 7 months 2 weeks ago
laura01px2021's picture

In Phase 0 I chose my topic. The topic I chose was photography of domesticated plants and animals. This is my Phase 1, here I will be asking some questions and gaining some more knowledge about my inquiry project, also posing real questions. For this phase, I will be gathering information on my topic. Firstly looking at what I know, then researching more about it later on.

Updated 7 months 2 weeks ago
angela03px2021's picture
This is the start of a significant learning journey, which will include uncomfortableness, risks, and mistakes. I, along with a few other students, will be spending 28 days in a village in Yunnan researching on a topic that I am passionate towards. As the initial section of planning, we were presented with a list of provided inquiry projects that we are expected to expand and research upon during our stay at Xizhou.
Updated 7 months 2 weeks ago
laura01px2021's picture

Phase 0 is just the start of the my experience, I will be spending 28 days in a village investigating the photography of domesticated plants and animals. There were many topics that I could have chosen, out of them, I narrowed it down to three, with some feedback. Eventually I decided on a combination of two topics. Photography and plants and animals.

Updated 9 months 1 week ago
barton01px2021's picture

Microcampus is a journey of learning and self-exploration. Phase 0 marks the start of this journey. I will spend my 28 days in Xizhou in discovering how the Flying Tigers affected the people it was to protect. I chose this topic because World War II in Asia and the Pacific is a topic of high personal interest. Originally, I had a three topics to choose from. However, after thinking long and hard, I have chosen to research the topic of the Flying Tigers.