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Day 27 of Microcampus was meant for us to wrap everything up and say goodbye to our home for the month, Xizhou. We finished all of the big projects including final product for our inquiry projects and the final service learning video, and I felt very accomplished. On Day 27 we worked on our final wellness reflection and some wrap up work we missed during the process.

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Today is the last full day of Microcampus, or that we have in Xizhou. Today was full of packing bags and wrapping up things so that we could go home without rushing tomorrow morning. As we are waking up early, having an early breakfast tomorrow morning, there was not room for any mistake or carelessness in our packing and our preparation. 

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Everything went smoothly on the day we shared our service learning project  to all the people we invited, except for our service learning partner, Mrs. Dong. Since it was only a couple days after our national holiday, the restaurant that she works at was extremely busy, busy to the point where she could not attend the event. Therefore, my group decided to go and share our video with her privately the day after the event. 

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Before the trip, I wanted to go on the trip because it would be a chace for me to challenge myself and push my limitations. I also felt like it would be good for me because I can build independence and confidence. I also thought the process would build my Chinese language skills.

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It  has already been 28 days under this bright blue sky, under the dark black landscape with stars illuminating the entire village and the moon right in the middle of the sky as if hung up there by a string, through the thunderstorm, through the loud birds chirping as if welcoming us into their homes. The people, the environment, and experience has been the reason why all this happened, the reason why Mr. T and Ms.

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There was not so much of a reason why I came to Microcampus. My mom suggested this program to me at first, and so I wrote my application and came here. The reason I though I was coming to Microcampus was to research about my topic and to grow responsibility with out my parents doing it for me. Also, I thought that going outside the bubble and experiencing the society out of Shanghai was a good chance for me to stop some bad habits I had in Shanghai.

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Originally, I came to Microcampus because I thought this would be a "great experience", even though I was not exactly sure what great experience it would be. Now that I have experienced Microcampus, I think that I came here to learn about myself and learn some great life lessons.

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Since today is the last full day of Microcampus, we had a lot of work to do. First of all, we went to the Golden Flower restaurant so that we could show our service learning video to Mrs. Dong, who was too busy to come to our presentation yesterday. When we were sharing our video today, we could see tears in Mrs. Dong's eyes, which made me think that Service learning is actually a meaningful project. After the meaningful sharing, I went back to finsh things up. We finished our service learning, our inquiry project, our journals, and other things.

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Yesterday, all of our groups have finished the service learning video. Today, it is the day of present and sharing our service learning videos. The Linden Center have brought a lot of guests to the presentation, and when I imagined all the people watching our video, it made me more and more nervous. However, when we actually started the presentation, the most nervous part was when I was introducing myself to the audience. The way the room was organized made it impossible for us to see the video, so I did not feel very nervous.

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Why I Came to Microcampus. I arrived in Shanghai at the beginning of 6th grade. China was the first country I have ever lived abroad in. Moving a couple of times in the USA whether it was a house, school, or state helped a bit, but this was something no one could truly prepare for. At the time a couple of my friends older siblings were going on this trip. Throughout that year I learnt a bit about Microcampus, and my parents would often come and ask me if I was going to do it and if I would like to. Yeah sure, a trip where you leave school and go to a small village!

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The end of a chapter, but the start of another one. This is how I feel about the end Microcampus. I cannot remember the original reason that made me came here, perhaps it was because of my parents, I will never know, but after 28 days in Xizhou, I now know the reason of why I came here. I came here to try something new, to try something that I have never experienced before, I wanted to find a place to calm down and think before I act, I wanted some experiences on how "Real Life" would be like, and how different it is from SAS.