O.R.E.O. - Inquiry Project

What is an Inquiry Project?

All Microcampus students spend a significant amount of time each week devoted to investigating a topic of high personal interest that relates to the Xizhou area. Students actively seek and depend upon the wisdom of the people living in and around Xizhou to support their active investigation into their chosen area of interest.

During their exploration of one of the wide range of possible topics, students will be supported by a framework for inquiry that features the following four main phases:
    1) Posing Real Questions
    2) Finding Resources
    3) Interpreting Information
    4) Reporting Findings
The process is designed to be cyclical in nature, however, and will involve plenty of reflection, questioning, and reframing their research as new information is found. All student work will be made public during the research process online; it is hoped that readers will provide feedback to students during the research process and follow along as the students report their learning.

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Updated 4 years 1 month ago
seyoung01px2020's picture

In the second phase of the Microcampus process, I will be finding helpful resources in order to enrich my time in Xizhou. Phase 1 was a stage to come up with essential questions which are used to be the backbone of the research. In order to find helpful sources for research, I had to use keywords in order to specify my research spectrum. First of all, I used Yunnan.

Updated 4 years 2 months ago
justin01px2020's picture

From March 5th through April 1st, I, Justin, will travel to a village called Xizhou in Yunnan province with my eleven peers. This trip is meant for us students to get out of our normal lifestyle an try out the extraordinary for a month in Xizhou. During this trip, I will be among other students to explore, learn, and most importantly, grow up together in some way. However, there is a goal we all need to accomplish individually. And that is, the inquiry project.

Updated 4 years 3 months ago
john01px2020's picture

For about 28 days the Microcampus students including I, John are going to go out of Shanghai and start a whole new adventure. Of course to make the journey successful and memorable we have to start planning ahead of what we will do in the future. We were all handed out a list of inquiry project topics that we will work on. These topics would be the main topics that the students will be researching through out the one month.