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This past weekend all members of the Microcampus Group P - Phenomena - attended a lock-in. I was unfortunately not able to make it, due to a swim meet in Hong Kong. However, I made a video reflection on what I will be looking forward to, and what I am anxious about for the upcoming trip. The video can be found here

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On April 22-23 2016, the Phenomena group had a lock-in where we learned many things about Microcampus and the daily life of a Microcampus student. You can view my reflection here.

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You may be wondering, why did this kid apply so late. Well, I have been considering for applying to Microcampus ever since 7th grade. I have asked other experienced students about the journey at Microcampus and their response were predominantly positive. Anyways, my parents were held back because they thought I wouldn't catch up on "school" homework. However, I proved my parents wrong by telling them that this opportunity may only happen once in a life time. I hope chaperones or my fellow Microcampus mates can point out my weaknesses throughout Microcampus to improve myself as a person.

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Hi, my name is Risa Yokoyama and this is my first journal entry post. I will be participating in the Microcampus trip in 2016 from April to May. I am really excited to travel to Xizhou with the group to meet to local residents there and just experience their daily life. I hope this amazing opportunity will help me expand my horizons and also get out of my comfort zone. I cannot wait!

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Hi, this is my first journal post of my Microcampus journey. I am very excited to have to opportunity to travel to this village for a period of 28 days starting April 30th. Microcampus is a great experience for us to really learn what daily life is like is this village. I look forwards to learning much during my time there and trying many things outside of my comfort zone. While on the trip, I look forwards to going in depth wight my inquiry project and learning much about the village and what China can be like outside of the comforts of the city.

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Hi! This is my first journal post. I am a microcampus member that will be on the trip from April to May. I can't wait to see what Microcampus will bring and I hope that I will be a different, more exposed and experienced person when I return. I am interested to learn more about the inquiry project that I will be spending a majority of my time on and to do more research and learn about Yunnan. I would like to say Thank you to Mr.Tafel and Ms. Mai for this wonderful opportunity that has been offered to me.