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Yesterday was the first day on Microcampus. We went from plane to bus to our own two feet to get to YangZhuoRan, but eventually made it in one piece. We ate dinner, got our rooms sorted, unpacked our bags, and then it was time to nearing time to sleep. Instead of going straight to bed, I dug in my backpack to find the binoculars that I brought along. Taking some time to myself, I went straight up to the terrace and looked up. The sky was mental.

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Yesterday I traveled with my Microcampus group (with the exception of Melanie) to Xizhou. After the trip we got to our "Microcampus". We got a brief introduction to where we will be staying and we also got a taste of what Microcampus will be like. This was nice because I got an introduction to the schedule and it settled my nerves. What we are going to be doing is no longer unknown. We also chose bunks. Mine is below Yannick's; this may be the worst decision I've ever made in my life.

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Today, we had a long journey traveling to XiZhou. First, we had to head to the Honqiao airport individually. After we successfully met up with each other in front of the meeting spot, gate three, we proceeded on to the check in and started our four-hour plane ride to Dali. From Dali, we took a bus that took us to Yang Zhuo Ran, our new home for the month. Bryce L. and Mrs. Lindon joined our dinner, in which we had rice, soup, spring rolls and other little dishes. After settling in, we decided our room and roommates.

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Today was the first day of Microcampus, we arrived in Dali airport in the evening of November 14. We took an hour bus ride to the village of Xizhou. When we arrived in Yangzhuoran, our home for the next 28 days, we walked around the compound. We had dinner soon after we arrived, and after that we chose our roommates. We had to choose a roommate that would insure personal growth, therefore we had to room with people we didn't know very well. I went to the terrace and looked up to see that the sky was full of stars. This had been the most stars I've seen in one night for a long time.

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Yesterday, on November 14, 13 students embarked on a 4 hour plane ride from the Shanghai Hongqiao airport to the Dali airport. I was one of those students, and I arrived at the Hongqiao airport around 9:30 to check in. After that, we boarded the plane which took of pretty smoothly with the exception of a 10 minute turbulence. However, there was a huge turbulence towards the end of the flight, and I swear our plane rotated more than 180 degrees. But eventually, we were able to land safely at the airport before getting on a bus that took us to our hostel named Yangzhuoran.

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On friday, I had a great time with my group at the Microcampus lock-in. We had to make a video where we reflected on the lock-in and you can hear all about it by clicking here.

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Yesterday, October 23rd, we had the microcampus lock-in and had some awesome time with my group, the Nutty Narwhals. Click here to watch my Lock-in Reflection Video.

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When I first heard about this trip I instantly wanted to go, but then I started to get second thoughts and I started getting nervous. When I finally built up my courage to apply, I still was nervous but that feeling of excitement also came back. However, I soon relaxed as I found out the great friends and supporters who would be on the trip with me. I know from other students that this will be a immensely impactful experience to my eighth grade year and beyond.

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It is just under 2 months until I leave for Microcampus. I have started to think about what my days will be like living in the village and staying at the Linden Centre. Will it be cold? Does it rain a lot? I hope so because I like cold weather. I have had a look at the profiles of other students who have taken the trip to see what projects they have undertaken during their time at Microcampus. I am looking forward to choosing my own topic. The wellness portion of the trip will be important to me, I need to maintain my fitness for swimming!

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I am really looking forward to the new learning and living experience outside of the Shanghai "bubble".  I am also looking forward to step out of my comfort zone and travel somewhere, without my family, for a long duration of time.  I am super excited for the new experience.  It will make a huge mark on my life.