Two Weeks Away!

It's hard to imagine that the departure date for the Puxi group is two weeks away! Plenty to do between now and then, but the top priority is for the chaperones to have a bit of quiet time before we head out to our 28 days in Xizhou. I'm looking forward to being back there--that first deep breath at sunset will be a good one after the rough air pollution days in recent months in Shanghai.

Recent weeks have been busy, with the announcement of the first Pudong student group, the launch of the new version of the website (thanks, SAS teacher Scott Williams, for the countless hours!), developing curriculum plans with the Puxi campus Grade 8 teachers, distributing forms to participating families, meetings with students . . . and counselors . . . and nurses . . . and parents . . . and . . .

It's made for interesting times, for sure. The inquiry project topics for the coming group look absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to learn with and from the students as they jump in. They have done a good job building background knowledge from here in Shanghai, and the next step is to head to the village and start learning first-hand from the experts.

Before then there are a handful of things to finish, but the major pieces are in place. Xizhou, here we come!

What a treat it is to see the Microcampus program continue to develop. I look forward to learning more with and from these amazing students as they explore their world, challenge themselves, and learn to handle themselves outside The Bubble of their usual routines.