My son had safely arrived home and I was touched on what I saw at the airport, a couple with little baby managed a learning journey of a group of teens of eleven and that was not the first time and also not the last time, and they've done it many times and would do many times more. My son insisted on managing his luaggage and that was my first time experience and came as a nice surprise.  Mircocampus won't relinquish my role in parenting but it did provide a big enhancement to allow my boy to see the world with many more perspectives and understand what's expected of him being a fine and responsible young man.  Salute to Mr. T, to Ms Mai and to all who make Mircocampus possible.  This is the first day back to school after the 28-day away, my boy seemed to survive well of that too.  Great news!  Tons of thanks again to Mr. T and Ms. Mai.

Isaac joining Mircocrampus is not only a new experience for Isaac but also a totally new experience for my wife and I. This is the first time we have our kid to be away from us for almost a month. This is an exciting learning opportunity not only to Isaac but also to my wife and I. We need to learn how to support and to encourage Isaac to become a young adult. We are grateful that Isaac was given such opportunity.