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If the above video does not load, please access it on Shirley T.'s Service Learning Page.

Service learning is about interacting with locals and learning their story. They must be 60 years old and willing to be filmed so that we can make a film about their life, and also have a Biography containing 800 words about them.

The document that is downloadable above is an 800 world biography on our Service Learning partner Hang Nai Nai.

My service learning group consists of Eirean C., Ben S., Shirley T, and I. Our service learning project is located on Shirley T.'s Service Learning Page.

Our service Learning Partner is Hong Nai Nai, a 65 year old Lady that lives just in front of SiFangJie.
I learned a lot about her as a result of interviewing over multiple sessions about her childhood and current day. I learned that she used to be a part of a very poor farming family. Although, almost every family was very poor during that time. She could only eat 0.6kg of meat a week, compared to a little bit of meat during breakfast and dinner everyday.

We did not end up learning anything about Xizhou's history, but more about her life as a child in Lijiang. 

I did learn that around 1960, Everyone was very poor and everyone was starving. Many people did not even have enough money to buy new clothes. Everyones metal was taken away to be smelted into steel, even though it was ended up being pig iron. A bunch of useless iron that does not actually work as iron or steel.

Our service learning partner was very happy to see the video we made of her. She sat quitely through most of the video except for laughing or smiling at some spots. At the end of it, she said that she liked it very much, and that she wanted to keep in contact with us once we left to Shanghai. Everyone had certain things to do, so we had to leave right after that, but Hong Nai Nai still seemed very happy to see us. 

My recommendations for future service learning partners are:

  • The tailor just past SiFangJie, he is very nice, but never ended up asking him if he wanted to do the video
  • Ms. Dong, the wife of Mr. Dong. She thought we wanted to talk to her husband and she was busy at the time we talked to her anyways
  • Lao Ma the antique shop owner. Pass by him everyday to SifangJie, very kind and cool.



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