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Service learning is a project where we ask the elders in the village about the hard times in their past.  We record this interview with them, and write a short passage about their lives.  These interviews are conducted in groups of four, not including the interviewee.  My group of four is Kara Tai, Vincent Chong, Kevin Tu, and myself.  We have decided that the bulk of this information is going to be kept on Kara's account.  Click here to go to her Service Learning page.

My study group and I read the articles about Chen Tingtao and Qian Yaqin.  As we read these articles, we figured that one of the questions that were part of the interview question list is "Did these events affect you personally?" Then probably with a follow-up of "How did these events affect you?"  According to the end, we think that one of the questions is "How did your life change after these events ended?"  This is because they would be good questions and they could work
One characteristic that we think would make a good elder partner for our service learning projects is that he or she should be friendly and amiable, so that the person is a little easier to talk to.  Another is that the person should be deep, so that the readers and listeners get moved and realize how terrible or great these times were.  A final characteristic that we think the elder we interview should have is that the elder should be a little funny, so that conversations with him or her won't seem completely serious and heavy and so that there is a bit of a lighter mood during the interview.

For this project, my study group interviewed Mrs. Yang next to the Linden Centre.  Although due to a power outage from a snow storm, we could not get any work done on Monday and therefore are not going to do our Service Learning projects.  For more information, click here to go to Kara's Service Learning page.

I used to be a little girl who lived in a little city, which I wouldn't even really count as a city. Then, everything changed when I moved to Shanghai when I was 11. Something that really changed is that I enjoyed the fresh, clean air in Xizhou for a month, rather than the dirty, polluted air of Shanghai. I was in the Microcampus Extreme Team group that went to Xizhou from November 2013-December 2013. I really enjoyed my stay in Xizhou, while making constant trips to Zhoucheng for inquiry work, which was xxx-xxx. You see, I would tell you what my project was, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise if you didn't know. OK, fine. I was studying tie-dye. Back on topic, Xizhou was amazing, and I loved every aspect of the village.