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This will be my own work on the service learning project, however the actual group's efforts will be visible here. The people I read about in the sample articles are Mr Chen Tingtao, a man working in the news industry editing until the revolution, and Qian Yaqin, who seems to be very concerned for the modern population of China and what they lack. 

Mr Tingtao...
1. How was your life before and after Liberation?
2. How did the great leap forward affect your life?
3. What can you remember from the events of the cultural revolution? 

Mrs. Yaqin...
1. What do you have to say about modern Chinese folks that didn't go through what you did?
2. How were the 'great leap forward' years for you and your family? 
3. How was life before liberation?


I am half Japanese, half American, and I was born in Australia. I lived in Tokyo for most of my life, and then I moved to Shanghai in the summer of 2012. I've been working on my Chinese skills in hopes of being fluent in the language. After going to microcampus, I think that my confidence and skill has gotten a lot better than before, but still not good enough to be anywhere near fluent:) The Extreme Team has given the Lindens back their centre and Yang Zhou Ran, but a piece of every microcampus student will always stay there. Microcampus was a long and fun trip full or experiences I never thought I would have