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This will be my service learning group's shared space

I have read to articles from That’s Shanghai Magazine to be familiar with what my service learning should look like. The two articles I read was about Ge Yuqun’s life during China’s 1950s, and Qian Yaqin’s thought about the past and present life.

A few questions that may be asked during the interviews are:

1. What did you feel when you were under starving conditions?
2. How has the cultural revolution affected your educational life?
3. What are some message you would like to pass on to the next generation?
4. If you can change one thing about yourself what would it be?
5. What kind of thoughts did you hold when you saw an enemy hurting your families and friends?

To me, an interesting service learning partner will be a hospitalized elderly who is willing to share their life with me. It would definitely be a set back if a person is scared of his or her words getting published in the public. If I could choose a perfect service learning partner, this person will be at least 70 years old and have seen and been through some harsh times that may or may not be painful in any ways. I would like a partner who tells me his or her opinions in certain situations and a partner who has a value that have woven his or her life into a story. Additionally, it will be better if my partner is willing to talk in detail when answering questions instead of giving me one sentenced answers. In China, cultural revolution, hundred flower movement, and etecetera are memories that does not want to be brought back into life. Therefore, elders may not want to reopen the scar that have graudally healed over time. I understand that it is almost impossible to find a perfect service learning partner, though I do hope that I can find someone that is open to describe his or her to me.

Local Contacts

Mr Ma (Arts and Crafts Store Owner)— Mr. Ma is around 70 years old and has a expreienced the big leap forward and cultural revolution. He has a clear mind and is aware of what he is saying. He have no problems communicating with us and has a clear memory of his past.

Ms Huo-Ms. Huo is very open, she is willing to talk about the up and downs throughout her life. We can communicate with her without much problem. She is different from everyone else in Xizhou because she is from Lijiang and is a part of the Naxi minority. She moved to Xizhou 40 years ago. Therefore, she is familiar with both cities and minorities.

Mrs. Dong

Mrs Dong is 61 years old this year. She lives 2-3km away from Xizhou and visits Xizhou every saturday and monday. She have one son and is no living with her. She have two grandchildren, they are twins. When Mrs. Dong was 20 years old she was a fisherman. Each more she would throw the net in Erhai than after a while she would collect it and sell it in Xizhou. Currently, she is selling pickles of all sort, red carrot, garlic, and etecetera. Additionally, she makes traditional shoes and hats.

Becuase of the snow storm and power outage in Xizhou, my service learning group wasn't able to finish this project. To contact Mrs Dong please visit Si Fang Jie on Saturday or Monday. She is the owner of a pickle cart.

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am 13 years old. I was a part of the winter 2013 microcampus trip. I was born in Nagoya, Japan on March 28th 2000, and I moved to China in 2006. This is my 7th year in Shanghai, and 3rd year in SAS Puxi. I was extremely excited to be in the microcampus trip! I felt passionate to be apart of the trip from the second I heard about it. To me, this trip is about leaving the bubble of SAS, and experience the life in the "real" China. I loved discovering new knowledge to expand on prior skills in Xzihou. The trip to Xizhou is definitely a trip and memory that I will cherish forever. I really miss my time Xizhou and I wish I can revisit Xizhou again.