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Service Learning is a project where we interview an elderly person in Xizhou. We ask them about the hardships they went through when they were young, such as the Cultural Revolution. We will do this in groups of 4. My group is Kevin T, Marisa, Vincent and myself. Our final product will be a short article and film.  


1. How did the events effect your life?
2. What do you think of Shanghai now?
3. How did your life change after these events ended?
4. What was your life before these events occurred?


There are some characteristic we think our Service Learning partner should have. Firstly, one of the characteristics they should have is that they should be friendly. If they are not friendly, they might not want to share their experiences with us. Another characteristic we think they should have is welcoming. If they do not even welcome us, we would not be able to talk to them. Thirdly, we think the elder should be deep so that the readers and listeners are able to understand how hard times were when they were young. Finally, we would like our Service Learning partner to be lighthearted. When we talk to them about the hardships they had to go through, we do not want them to be in a lot of pain and we would like the interviews to have a lighter mood.  

Our Service Learning partner is Mrs. Yang (she owns the embroidery and tie-dye shop right next to the Linden Centre). When she was young, she could not go to school or learn. All she did was cook and sew. Sewing was all she knew, and that became her hobby because she could sew whatever she wanted to. 

Because of the power outage on December 16, the Service Learning project was cancelled. We would not have enough time to finish everything since all the deadlines were pushed back one day. 


I am 13 years old and this year will be my 7th year living in Shanghai. I have lived in two countries: U.S.A and China. Even though I have lived in China for a long time, I haven't traveled to many cities here. I am interested to see how different our lives are from the people's lives in XiZhou, because we live in such different environments. The Microcampus trip was great! I loved meeting the people here, and the scenery is amazing. Feel free to read my journals to see the highlights of my trip!