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Our group and other groups were not able to finish the service learning project, because we missed out on a day worth of work due to the power out. We decided to just post what we already have.

Our groups service learning work space is located on Nicole's workspace.


Week 3 Wellness Reflection

Physical Wellness:

  • Physical Activity: Are you sticking to your plan? Embed an Excel spreadsheet of your time No

Type of Exercise Activity

Time in Zone

Teacher Confirmation

Sunday: Hiking

1h 30mins ...

Friday: running, jumping rope

28mins Mrs. Mai


  • Sleep: Are you getting enough? How do you know? Only yesterday and Friday, because I was slept at 10:00 and woke up at 9 AM.
  • Food: Detail your eating habits for the week. Have your choices been healthy ones as compared to what you wrote in your wellness plan? I think I still eat helthy enough, however when I get out to the village I only eat rice.
  • Physical Wellbeing: Have you had any health issues this week? If so, what did you do? Do you think you drank enough water? I know that I am drinking a lot of drinks such as sugar water.

Emotional Wellness:

  • Personal check-in: Read over your daily blog postings as if you were reading about someone else. With your emotional wellbeing in mind, what patterns do you see in your writing? I see a lot about regretting going back to Shanghai.
  • In general, how are you feeling emotionally? I am fine, it is just that I don't want to go back.
  • How are your stress levels? Do you feel like you are balancing things well?  I don't really have any stress, I was able to finish Phase 3 in time.
  • Any concerns with “regular” school requirements? Microcampus projects? Other personal issues related to your “emotional wellness?” Without the Infographic I think things are fine now.
  • Have you been connecting with people back home? How does this compare to your plans?  I am phoning them regularly. It is just like my plan.

Social Wellness:

  • How are your social relationships changing with the people who are part of this trip? I still stay close with the friends I made. I feel like I am in a bubble now.
  • Are there any changes in your social relationships with your friends and family back home? No
  • During this week, did you develop a closer connection with anyone in particular (think people in our group, people at the Linden Centre, people your age in the village, younger or older people in the village)? Explain. I really got to know this person from the performance center.
  • Do you need to change any of your goals for continuing your social development in the week ahead? I should try getting out of the bubble.

Based on your reflection, what goals do you have to make for the week ahead so that you can improve/maintain your wellness? Do you need to change anything about your goals or actions in the following?

  • Physical: I need to get in zone more
  • Emotional: Nothing, just keep up with work

Social: Get out of bubble

Hi, my name is Thomas C. and I am now in Xizhou. The sky is so blue and the food is great. When it is night, the sky is so clear that the stars are visible. I am looking forward to meeting local people, and hopefully be able toe make friends with them.