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Service Learning is a portion of Microcampus when a group of four students go out into the village and connect with elders. Our end product is an essay and a movie of us interacting with the elders and having a conversation with them. Here is where my information will be stored and our information gathered as a group will be written here

I read an article about Wu Peikun and Li Yaofeng in a copy of That's Shanghai magazine which is located here. The article talks about Wu Peikun's view of modern society compared to back in the 1940s. He talks about how nice things were back then, it was quiet, peaceful, and Wu lived a happy life with his wife Li. He says nowadays, modern day technology is taking over the lives of many people and that most people are taking things for granted. Buying things when they do not need it, he gives an example by saying that he still wears a grey jacket his wife bought him a decade ago. Another article I read was about the views of Ge Yuqun. He was a boy that lived in Shanghai during World War II and he talks about the cultural revolution. He starts off by saying how it was like someone was watching everyone at all times. You do not speak up and do not question what the higher authorities said. He then talks more indepth about his life after the liberation. 

I have also came up with possible questions I could ask the people the articles were about.

Wu Peikun

What do you think life is going to be like 10 years from now?

If you could, would you go back to your lifestyle 20 years ago?

What life would you want your grandchildren to have?

Ge Yuqun

What would your life be like if your family did not lose all the wealth?

Do you regret moving to Shanghai?

Did you like your life 10 years ago or your current life?

Due to a snow storm, we have cancelled the service learning portion of our trip and more information about it can be found here.

Hi, I am Michael and I am 13 years old. I am from Los Angeles, USA and so far I have lived in two different places (L.A. and Shanghai). I found out about Microcampus when Mr. Tafel introduced it in 6th grade. When my older sibling came back and told me how amazing the trip was, I decided that I wanted to go in 8th grade. Now that I am back in Shanghai, I miss the clean, fresh air of Xizhou as well as all the lovely people in the village.