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The focus of our service learning project is to find an active elder of XiZhou and interact with them about their life and their past. Later on during the process, the four of us will be interviewing one elder and will write an article, and create a short film about the elder. 

This is the page that we will be keeping all of our information as our project page.

As we look for a service learning partner, it would be beneficial to have an elder who is willing to open up for us for our questions. A talkative, confident, and comfortable service learning partner will help us get lots of information down. The more information we have about him/her, the more detailed our project will become! 

Our options for service learning were:
Mr. Yang (farmer)
Mrs. Yang (Mr. Yang's wife)
Mr. Yuan (YZR chef's husband)
Mr. Zhao
Mr. He


We have chosen Mr. He as our final service learning partner. He is a 63 year old security guard at YZR (which is where we are staying), apart from Mr. Zhao. He is also a part-time coal distributer. 
As a result of this experience, I have learned that the elders of XiZhou have lots of wisdom and advice for the next generations. I learned about Mr. He and was able to get closer to him. He told us about his childhood, and his opinions and happenings during the Cultural Revolution. I have also learned about the 20th Century Chinese history. I've learned about the Great Leap Forward in Mr. He's perspective, and about the Cultural Revolution in general. Most of the information went back to the facts and knowledge Mr. T shared with us during the Cultural Revolution history lesson. For future Microcampus students, I recommend to just go out and walk around the village with your group right away, because there could be a great service learning partner out there that no one has found out about. DO NOT leave this last minute- it is not an easy project. It takes time for the locals to open up and speak with you about sensitive topics. 


We all sat down in classroom 1 and watched each other's videos. Mr. Yang was very humorous- he stood up every one in a while to take pictures of us with his camera. Lots of people seemed impressed with our work and all the process we put into it. 

When the film started, I looked at Mr. He's expressions. He smiled once he saw his own face, and laughed with the rest of the crew during humorous parts of the film. After all the films were shown, Mr. He looked very pleased. He smiled and told us that the video was great. We took several pictures as a group and talked for a while until he had to leave. 

I was glad that Mr. He was happy to see our video, and that he appreciated it. I personally think we did a great job working on the video all together, and I wish we can have this opportunity again. 


Hello! I'm a 14 year old eighth grader. I'm from Korea, and it is my 7th year in Shanghai. I was very excited to be a part of the September-October Microcampus trip. XiZhou is a peaceful, bright, and unique town with friendly locals and wonderful scenery, not to mention the night skies, stars and fresh air. This town offered me self-confidence, and let me try something different for a month. I wish luck (and lots of fun) to the next group who will be part of this remarkable journey!