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The focus of our service learning project is to make connections with elders and learn about the past/history. Our groups service learning patner is Chen Nai Nai. Click here to go to our groups page.

As we are looking for our service learning partner, some of the characteristics that we want the elder to be like. One of those might be a unique person. For example, you don't want him to have the same background as every other person in the village. We don't want them to have a stay safe kind of life. We want something that's different in this person. it could be that he/she was in the cultural revolution, or maybe that he/she was a solder/nurse in a war.

I am in XiZhou now! The sun is shining and the air is clean. It is so peaceful and quiet here and everybody is so friendly. I can't wait to get out into the fields and work with the farmers. I also cant wait to get out into the village and start asking questions about my topic! The final thing that I am excited about is the service learning project. I will be really cool to learn about the past in XiZhou!