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The focus of our service learning project is to record and document their stories and life. We have not yet chosen our service learning partner, but we hope it will be Mr. Yang the chemistery teacher.
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A few traits a good service lerning partner has are: we need some one who has a good story to tell and that can maybe back that up with evidence or artifacts that he/she has in his house. Another thing that would be good would be if he/she had lived in Xizhou so we could probbably see how Xizhou has come up and how this person makes an impact on Xizhou and in our lives as well. 

1.Yang Xue Gao
2.80 years
3. Retired Chemistery teacher.
What did you learn as a result from this experience? I learn't much more about the world we live in. It gave me diffrent perspectives on life and china. I think this has helped me grow, mature and learn.
What did you learn from 20th century Chinese history? I learn't a lot about 20th century Chinese history. I now know who Chang Kai-shek is. I know more about the liberation now then I knew before.
What recommendations do I have for future microcampus groups?
- Follow the steps
-Start early
-make sure they are okay with beinng vdeod
the feeling that I got interviewing him was very nice as he smiled and took pictures. It made me geel as if I was doing my part to the elders.