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Over the past four weeks, we have been gradually working on our service learning project. This has included making connections with the community. One of there's connections we made is the connection we made with the 76-year old, Mr.Li, and the connection was very strong. 

Mr.Li is a very nice man, and we often find him working around his house helping out by making small prints or shining shows. He lives between the ficus tree and the linden center in Xizhou.

I have learned a lot from my service-learning partner. I have leaned out to make better connections and how to be better in situations with people like him. He would always give wise words about what we should do like how we should eat more meat and vegetables so that we can grow strong and be healthy when you're as old as he is. He also told us that we should eat meat to grow muscle and read books to grow a brain. 

I learned a lot about the history of Xizhou from talking with my partner. For example, during filming and our conversations with Mr.Li he talked about the great leap forward and I learned how at times they lacked food and clothes, but they still believed in the ideals of mao and everyone in the community highly respected him. I also learned about his family history and how there was a found general in the are that he was related to. 

From the experiences and the conventions, I have had with my service learning partner Mr.Li I have learned a lot about 20th century China. For example, we had a big lesson about the Chinese history called 150 years in 150 minutes, and it was very interesting. We learned about the cultural revolution and how moa governed. We learned how moa got into power and what chain did when he retired and what it was like to change the power. This lecture taught us a lot and gave us a lot of background information so that we knew what our service learning partner was talking about.

When presenting the video, we made sure that we watched the audience so that we could learn from there expressions. You can read my Journal for more information but here is an excerpt.

Today was the big day where we finally share our Service Leaning to a room full of people. There was a lot of people there, of course, there were 16 of us and then teachers and the service learning partners. There was also the linden family that was there and there were a few past alumni students. The prosses was pretty straightforward; we would go through all the videos with the service learning team that produced the video sitting in the front watching the audience. This was a thing we did to get feedback and because we have never done this during school projects it was exciting and very new. 

Of course, we were last, having to be worried the whole time through the other three videos. When we came up, we had to introduce ourselves in Chinese and this because I was not very confident in Chinese this was very hard for me. Luckily, I got through it and we finally started the video. While the video was playing, we watched the advance, and I noticed a lot throughout the video. In the beginning, the music we added have I felt it added a nice touch, but with the prominent speakers the music sounded off and a little overdone, I also noticed this in the audience and saw Mr.T draw a thin almost neutral expression. I noticed that because of the umm, and dui's(yes), through the video made by the people off camera there was some giggling, especially when it got bad. There were also some ooh's and ahh's at the b roll of the printing, which was very interesting even for us. Towards the end owes Sevice leaning partner, Mr.Li stumbled over his words, and this made for some mumbled after in the audience. I appreciated that towards the end we had a part that was very special and deep (he was talking about his mortality), and you could see it in the audience with the almost breathtaking silence and awe. 

Over the past few weeks we have worked hard on making our service learning video, and if I could give advice, I would give a lot of advice. I would tell a future Microcampus student to make sure that they are making connections all the time. When the teachers give you time is very helpful, but when you are making connections 24/7 then you are much more likely to find better and more welcoming people, and you would have an easier time getting a service-learning partner. I would also recommend that you should see 2 or 3 people that you want to make a strong connection with and focus on that person so that you can strengthen your connection so much that the person is very willing to help you. I think that the final and most important advice that I could give someone is to bite down and be perseverant with you work. Because the service learning project is right at the end it seems like you can slow down and slack off but this is not true, the service learning project takes hours of work ad you have to make sure that you keep up with the work and go just "grind" through the work. 


I am a student at the Puxi SAS Campus, and I love an excellent outdoor adventure. In my free time, I like playing D&D or baseball with friends I hold dear to my heart. I had a great time in Xizhou, and I have learned a lot throughout the experiences here in Xizhou.