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My Service Learning Partner is Mr. Du. He is currently 74 years old and is the owner of the hotel next to Yangzhouran which is currently under construction. Mr. Du lives a peaceful life with his large family and loves to play Chinese chess and smoke water pipes.

From this experience, we learned plenty about Mr. Du. The big range of his favorite color, which is sky blue, the family struggles he had as a child, his life as a Wood Carpenter, to his current peaceful life. We especially learned about him working very hard to feed his 5 kids and wife, and the painful hot summer days when he had to work with sweat in his eyes.

These conversations taught me about the harsh living conditions in Xizhou when Mr.Du was growing up. The important roles Xizhou took during the events like the Cultural Revolution, World War 2, and the great leap forward. These conversations we had together with my group helped me connect with the history lessons I had about that specific time period with real life.

We learned a great deal of information related to the 20th-century Chinese historical events. The struggles of making a balanced income during that time period, having to live with multiple families and the life impact of the citizens within Xizhou.

During the actual presentation, we sat before the audience to see their facial expression. Throughout the watching of the video, even though he was leaning back on the wall I realized that he was always really focused on the video. When the photographer was right next to him and taking a photo of him, he did not even notice.

When I was observing him, I also noticed he seemed a bit down when watching the video. This really made me think about what it really felt like living during his time; not being able to be full almost all the time, living with multiple families with pig and chicken farms. I really appreciate this opportunity to observe the audience during a video presentation. This truly felt like giving out and thanking the community  

For future Microcampus students do not forget to always be supportive of your teammates. Some people may have to do more work than others as for this project based on their knowledge of a language, always be helpful and cheer them up when necessary. Also, do make X amount of strong connections in the village as you never know if they will accept this project invitation or not. My group made this mistake as we were heavily depending on one of our connection but later got rejected by them to be our Service Later Partner and were all really stressed. We were really lucky to be accepted by our current Service Learning Partner, Mr. Du, at the last moment. Lastly, remember that B-rolls are very important, take plenty of them, and make sure that your footage is not really shaky as these would not work for your final product before the production of your video.



My name is Brandt L. and I am born in Nagoya, Japan the moved to Shanghai, China when I was two years old. I have been in the SAS community for about 5 years and it has been an amazing and a wonderful time. I have a sister called Vanessa who was part of the Microcampus E group. The 28-day Microcampus experience has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget in my life. I definitely want to visit Xizhou again in the future for the amazing community, scenery, and delicious food!