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Our service learning partner is Mr. Zhang who sells Xizhou Baba and is 79 years old. After this experience, I learned about three main values that resemble him as a person which are family, singing, and his health. He really values his family because mostly our conversations are directed to them and he is still working to help his family. He likes to sing as he has told us many songs he remembers and he has sung for us. He also really values his health because he sleeps for 7 hours each day, however, he smokes because he cannot stop the addiction. I learned about Xizhou history as he has written us a letter about XIzhou's history about how Xizhou changed throughout these years. He had written about the four big families, eight big families, and other events. I learned that he is a soldier his early life because he remembers these songs. This shows that the 20th Century Chinese History was very chaotic and had many wars because Mr. Zhang, a villager of Xizhou, have became a soldier. He also had really tough life as he has to work somewhere that he did not want to go. 

Watching our partner watch his story was memorable. There were more audience than I expacted and many of the audience was very sad watching the video. I think our movie is very different than the previous ones. I mention this because we had lots of special video clips and props like the letter, the walk, he making Xizhou baba and more. I am not sure if he enjoyed because he was wearing sunglasses, and he left the first. Maybe he left because of his buisness but overall I think we did a really good job of turning our conversations into a movie.

I think it would be better if there was more locals than SAS family. This was because maybe the locals did not feel comfortable being all around the time. I think we should also have some other ways to show appriciation to the communities. Some other ways are picking up trash, helping the people's job and more. 

My recommendation for the future students is to always ask questions that expand on the answer because this is how the conversations will become interesting. Also, please use your time during these weekend because the workload would not be so big. Also, when the word load because too big remember to ask others to help you push the workload down a little. Another recommendation is to please remember to create new questions than the question list already generated. The most important advice that this alumni would give is to relax and enjoy the time with your service learning partners and make the most out of this experience. 

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am in the Superior Group. I am from Hong Kong and I came to SAS in second grade. I am so glad that I have attended Microcampus and living in Xizhou is a bliss to experience. The beauty of the Xizhou will never dissolve away in my mind where there are mountain peaks of ice and green garlic fields flowing through the grass land. I miss this experience so much and I hope the future microcampers will feel this experience as special as I did.