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Our service learning partner is Yang Mei Kang. She is 67 years old that sells shoes created by here on the side of the street. She has been living in XIzhou for her entire life. She kindly accepted our presence to talk to her. We are very lucky we were able to talk with her.

I learned so much about herself and the people around her. During our conversations, we talked about her childhood and how certain events affected them. I was able to get a lot of insight on what really happened during the cultural revolution, Deng Xiao Ping, and Chinas reform. She was able to tell us her hardships during those times without hesitation. She also talked about the great leap forward and how her parents went through that time. She told us about how her parents died when she was very young and she had to take care of her family. I am so grateful for the chance to see hear her story. 

When talking with her we were able to also learn about what Suzhou was like during childhood. She said that because XIzhou was a rural village in china, it was greatly affected by the cultural revolution, All schools closed down and many people were persecuted. Her father was a teacher at one of the local schools here and was persecuted during the revolution. During chinas reform she talked about how the welfare for older people was improved. Her parents were affected during the great leap forward by producing mass amounts of grain and attempting with metal. talking to Yang Mei Kong gave us insight on what happened during those historical events 
Overall we learned many important events of the 20th century during our talk with Yang Mei Kong. We learned about who, how and where the cultural revolution affected. We also were able to get insight on what happened during the great leap forward and what it was like for adults and children. Since Xizhou is quite rural, Many people were affected by Deng Xiao Pings reign and Chinas new reform. 
Presenting our service learning video went really well. We had many people show up to watch the videos. I enjoyed watching the audience watch our video because we were able to see all of their faces and their expressions. It was great to see our service learning partner Yang Mei Kong enjoying herself along with the other guests. I'm proud of my video and I'm really glad to be able to share it with everybody else. 
If I had to give a recommendation for future service learning partners is to make sure your service learning partner is reliable. It took a long time to convince Yang Mei Kang to join us in our conversations and for us to film it. When finding service learning partners always make sure that they are on board and reliable. make sure that if possible have more than one recording session and to not rush the work.  
My name is Nolan Y. and I am an 8th grader at Shanghai American School. Going on Microcampus was a life changing experience. I was able to see rural China through the lenses of not a tourist but as a local. Microcampus had taught me so many things that I would never even imagine. I am glad I came on this 28 day trip to Xizhou to learn about parental expectations and have an experience I will hold dear to my heart for a long time.