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Our Service Learning partner is Ms. Yang, she is 63 years old she is the wife of Mr. Du the antique dealer. She farms in the morning and takes care of her grandson. She cooks for her family and makes sure that they are ok. She does not remember very much about her past and does not know about any historical events because she never went to school.

From this experience, we learned that Ms. Yang Has been through several historical events but does not remember any of them. Her son said that she has been through The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution but she did not know what was happening. She never went to school so she did not know anything about history or current events. She loves her family and always makes sure that they are ok.

Through talking with Ms. Yang we learned that people in Xizhou who did not get to go to school did not learn about any major events that have happened throughout their lives. Since she did not go to school, she did not know much about history in general and she did not give us any information on the history of the area.

As said before she did not give us very much information on history but her son said that she lived through some major historical events but she did not realize what was happening. Her story shows that living as a farmer during The Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution was a hard time since she did not go to school or have enough food and clothes.

When I watched my service learning partner watch the video she was very happy, shesmiled throughout the whole video. When we played the clip of her running after her grandson she started laughing

Future Microcampus students should know that finding a service learning partner can be hard but you should keep trying. Also remember to help out the person who is editing with other things that they have to do so that they can focus on editing what they have to. The only other recomendation that I have is to find one interesting thing about the person and ask them questions about that. 

I am 13. I went on a trip to Xizhou in November/December of 2016. This was my first time being outside of a major city in China. It also was the longest time I had been away from my family at that point. I had a great month out in Xizhou and I was sad when I had to leave. Microcampus was a once in a lifetime experience and I am glad that I went.