Project Details

1. Local Food Products/Cuisine

I think this seems interesting to me because I have never really explored food that much and it is so interesting to know that food can also be explored in different ways. How it is made, ingredients, how it's healthy...I have never made any food too, being able to make food on my own will be such a good experience for me especially when I am at Microcampus trying to get outside of my comfort zone and trying new things. And since we will be researching local food, there is no place to search for local foods in Xizhou outside of Xizhou. This is important to me because eating is what we do every day and knowing the difference between different places is cool and probably something we won't observe if we go out on a trip.

My preferred name is Judy, and I am 13, I am really excited for Microcampus. I am born in China and I've lived in China for my whole life. I am really excited for Microcampus, Xizhou, I am really excited to explore a place outside of the bubble I have lived in my whole life. A place where I have to take care of myself, and a natural world outside of Shanghai.