Inquiry Topic: Local Snacks

The final choice for what I will be studying for a month will be Local Snacks This is a topic that seems very interesting and I will be able to learn about all the different foods they have. I could even make food, learn about popular foods of Xizhou. I would learn how to cook Chinese or traditional Xizhou food. Before going there I would research about Chinese food and see how they make their food and then I would go more into depths with the local Xizhou food. As I mentioned before I love food and cooking it. 

Hello everyone, my name is Nina A. I am 12 years old and have lived in 3 countries; France, India and China. I am part of the 2017 Ultimate Group for Microcampus. We are currently in Xizhou, where we also have the chance to connect with the residents of Xizhou. The weather here is really great there are white cotton skies, a blue sky and the sun every day.